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Celebrate Local Films on StarHub this August!

By Flora  /  25 Jul 2017 (Tuesday)

*UPDATE (7/8): New Films Added

Leading up to National day, StarHub will be unveiling an exciting line-up of local short forms, telemovies and infotainment programmes. All local production content are free for all to watch on StarHub Go. 
The three local productions, commissioned by StarHub, will premiere on 1 August: 10-episode series ‘Love In Transit’ (下一站●爱); animated film anthology ‘Timescapes’, and Paper House (纸屋), a short film adaptation of Paper City, a short story by Singaporean novelist Dave Chua and comic artist Koh Hong Teng.

In addition, starting from 11 August to 8 September, a new telemovie will premiere every Friday at 10pm on Hub E City (StarHub TV Channel 111/825), coming to a total of five telemovies. Don't miss the two new infotainment programmes that are also added to the lineup! 

Love In Transit
Telecast details: 1 Aug 2017 on StarHub Go
All episodes to premiere on 1st August

With a total of ten episodes, Love In Transit is a series of short films against the backdrop of Singapore's different modes of public transport. We're always on the move, always in a rush. Moments which we share with others in a train, on a bus or in a cab, seemed so transient, and yet when something out of the ordinary happens - our transient and almost  invisible lives are  suddenly shaken alive- and for that knife edge  moment, our feelings, attitudes and values are put to test.

Telecast details: 1 Aug 2017 on StarHub Go
All episodes to premiere on 1st August

Directed by animation director Ervin Han, founder of Robot Playground ,‘Timescapes’ is a collection of stand-alone animated short films - each one centering on life, love and home respectively, with Singapore’s past and present as the backdrop as we follow a character’s life story in each film. While the stories are different, the common threads sewn are that of family, relationships, the passage of time, and the bond between generations.

Paper House
Telecast details: 1 Aug 2017 on StarHub Go

The only short film among the three, Paper House is a film adaptation of Paper City a short story by Singaporean novelist Dave Chua and comic artist Koh Hong Teng. It revolves around an Indian teenager experiencing the complex traditions and relationships within a big Chinese family when he shoots a documentary of his best friend's grandfather's funeral. This short film features the traditional craft of making elaborate paper offerings for the dead bringing to light its poetic significance in Chinese culture.

Zi Char 煮炒 
Telecast Details: 11 August, 10pm on Hub E City (StarHub TV Channel 111/825) 

Synopsis: The inspiring story of Qiu, a young woman who picks up her life as a Zi Char chef after losing her sight to Devic’s disease. Qiu discovers that through her blindness, she has developed an extraordinary palate and sense of smell. Much to her father’s objection, she decides to follow her passion and pursue culinary perfection through the family Zi char stall. 

Uplift 举重小女将 
Telecast Details: 18 August, 10pm on Hub E City (StarHub TV Channel 111/825) 

Synopsis: Starring Siow Li Xuan, Vincent Ng, Xavier Ong, Charlie Goh and Maxi Lim, 'Uplift' tells a story about a family where sports is like a religion, a way of life, Grace is youngest of 3 siblings. Grace’s parents have trained all their kids to become Olympians and when all fails, Grace is their only hope. But will she fulfil their dream? What about her own dreams? 

Déjà vu 似曾相识 
Telecast Details: 25 August, 10pm on Hub E City (StarHub TV Channel 111/825) 

Synopsis: Ever had your heart broken? Want to undo that mistake? Now you can. At the age of six, He Jiaxin discovered that she can travel in time. By the time she’s twenty-six, Jiaxin’s set up “Deja Vu, Inc”. For a price, she will travel in time to “prevent” you from ever having that bad relationship. No relationship = No heartbreak. Everything changes when Jiaxin meets Joe, a fellow time-traveller hellbent to stop her at all cost. A game of wits ensues with only one time-traveller with the power to stay on top. Deja Vu, Inc is a science-fiction romantic comedy, which discovers that, in the end, the only thing more impossible than time-travel is not giving in to love. 

Single City 单身之城 
Telecast Details: 1 September, 10pm on Hub E City (StarHub TV Channel 111/825) 

Synopsis: Set in a not-too-distant future where the human population is in decline, men and women no longer see the need to marry or reproduce. Faced with a low birth rate and aging population, the authorities create “Single City” where all unmarried singles aged 30 are sent. The purpose is simple – to find a partner and get married in 90 days. If singles are still unmarried at the end of this 90 days, a partner will be selected for them and they will be brainwashed to fall in love with each other. This story follows 4 singles as they begin their time in Single City. Will they fall in love, and find their happily ever after? 

Kid Napped 绑架 
Telecast Details: 8 September, 10pm on Hub E City (StarHub TV Channel 111/825) 

Xiao Jie is kidnapped! Anxious Ellie is immediately alarmed, hoping to find her son as soon as possible. Li Sir launches an investigation, an island search, and ultimately finds the identity of the kidnappers. One of them is the recently released Anya, the other is Ah Zeng. After further investigation, it is found that the kidnapper, Anya, is, in fact, the Xiao Jie’s biological mother!  Why is Anya kidnapping her son? Ah Zeng originally robbed Anya’s car just to avoid the police chase. Accidentally, he has become a kidnapper too. Anya finally finds hope when Ah Zeng gives her son back to her, but Xiao Jie does not recognize his biological mother. Kidnapped or reunited, how will it end? 

Challenge Accepted (10 Episodes) 
Telecast Details: 14 Aug, Every Monday, 8.30pm, Hub Sports Arena (StarHub TV Channel 112/205) 

Synopsis: Hosted by Paul Foster, in Challenge Accepted, ordinary Singaporeans get a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be coached by Singapore’s elite athletes. Every episode sees a different national athlete take on the challenge to transform his rookie trainee into a master of the game. From zero to hero in just 30 days!  Like they say, if you want to be best, you got to learn from the best. 

Let’s Go Gai Gai 陪你去走走 (10 Episodes) 
Telecast Details: 26 Sep, Every Tue, 8pm, Hub E City (StarHub TV Channel 111/825 

Synopsis: Hosted by Michelle Chia, most of us take travelling for granted; nothing to it. Just purchase a ticket and you’re setting off in the next few hours or so. What if we were to transfer this sort of privilege to someone else? Someone who needs a wish granted…This is a do good and feel good series where we take the less privilege for travel, so that they have a chance to experience what most of us take for granted – buying an air ticket and zooming off to our dream destination. 
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