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Interview with Winners of The Amazing Race Asia 4 (TARA 4)

By InCinemas  /  16 Dec 2010 (Thursday)

InCinemas team seized the opportunity to learn more about Richard Hardin and Richard Herrera, the winners of The Amazing Race Asia 4 (TARA 4)!

Here we bring you the questions and what the winners have got to say.

1   Which team did you think were your strongest contenders at the early part of the race? Why? 

R. Hardin: I thought the Indian team of Sahil Banga and Manas Katyal were going be a tough team because they were always asking questions and looked like a fast team. Also the Indonesian team of Nadine Zamira Sjarief and Hilyani Hidranto looked fast as well.

R. Herrera: We knew there were many strong teams at the start. Ethan and Khairie and Michelle and Claire were sure to be very fast and the other teams were very educated about the show. Big fans of the race are always going to be competetive!

2   How do you settle your differences during the race? 

R. Hardin: Herrera and I would always talk things out and ask what we both thought about the situation and never told each other what to do. We actually only got into one argument throughout the whole race.

R. Herrera: Rich and I learned about each other throughout the race. Fortunately male domination and pride was not a big issue and we were able to understand each other's approach to things. We always tried to remain positive no matter how bad the situation and always pick each other up when times were difficult.

3   Which was your most memorable pitstop during the race? Why?

R. Hardin: For me, I had two memorable pitstops. The first was the bungee jump in New Zealand because that was my worst fear,  I overcame it and we even won the leg! The other would be the final pitstop because it felt so good to come out on top in such a crazy race!

R. Herrera: For me it was the fast-forward leg in Sri Lanka. Everything seemed to go right for us that day and it felt as if someone was looking out for us. It turned out to be a new start for us in a lot of ways.

4   What was the most difficult challenge each of you faced during the race? Was it your most difficult moment during the race? 

R. Hardin: I would say when we took a private vehicle in Indonesia, got lost, had to go back to start over, and being three hours behind! That was the only time we were in last place on the entire race and it did not feel good at all. We kept going 103% though and never gave up!! It was a great comeback episode for us.

R. Herrera: It was definitely overcoming the penalty in Indonesia when we rode in a private car. There were moments when I thought it might be over for us but we agreed previously that we would never give up under any circumstances. Mentally it was a big hurdle to overcome but physically it was frustrating as well. After we got lost returning to the boat, we had to fight to catch up with Ethan and Khairie. They passed us up again on our way to the scuba challenge and we had to really dig down deep to finish the money count before them.

5   10 years from now, what do you think you will remember from the race?

R. Hardin: The people we met, different cultures of the countries, the friendships that were created and the adrenaline rush of the race!! We went through so many miles to get to that last pitstop, and the intense feelings we felt! 

R. Herrera: For sure it will be the people that we met during the course of production. Not only our fellow racers but true professionals involved with the show as well who were really good to us and pushed Hardin and I to be ourselves and do our best.

6    If you were asked to join an all-star version of The Amazing Race Asia, do think you would still come out tops?

R. Hardin: That is a tough question. You really do not ever know what is going to happen in each leg, but with proper preparation and hard work I think "The Riches" could still be a top contender.

R. Herrera: I keep saying that I'm retired from Amazing Racing but Hardin is keen for another go. I may push for him and Rovilson (Season 2) to team up for the all star edition as it would make an interesting team dynamic. He wanted Marc Nelson (Season 2) and myself to team up and wear tuxedos throughout the entire race.

7   What do you plan to do in the immediate future after this race? 

R. Hardin: Positive things! Whether I go back to playing basketball, continue teaching, or even stay on television, I want to bring great things into this world and make a difference!

R. Herrera: I will visit my family in the US who were able to watch the race online. I want to bring my father to Singapore for the F1 in September. I will also assist Hardin and his fiancee Andrea with their wedding plans in July so it's going to be a busy year. I will also get online and respond to all of the emails and messages we received from all of our supporters throughout. Thanks so much to everyone!

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