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The Dark Knight Rises Script Has Not Been Leaked

By InCinemas  /  16 Dec 2010 (Thursday)

There is probably no script in the world that more people want to get their hands on than The Dark Knight Rises. Christopher Nolan's follow up to his incredible blockbuster sequel from 2008, fans are absolutely desperate to find out who the main villain in the film will be and what happens in relation to Batman and the city of Gotham. Apparently people are so desperate that they've begun posting news of a fake script online. Believe us when we say that the script, which you may have heard is being circulated, is not real. For that matter it's not being circulated, because there is no script at all out there, fake or otherwise. 

Being repackaged as a scooper email and spread by all sorts of different sources, the supposed script leak actually began on the forums of Superhero Hype, where a user named "Saint Sinner X" claimed that he got his hands on a script and randomly dispensed obviously fabricated plot points. According to the poster, all of the previously rumored characters in the film, including Hugo Strange, Killer Croc, Harvey Bullock, Black Mask and Talia al Ghul, play a role, with Black Mask becoming the new mafia boss, Killer Croc being his main henchman, Strange pulling all of the strings, and al Ghul looking to avenge her father's death. Sound a little too manufactured? That's because it is. 

Going even further, Batman-News and Batman On Film have debunked the script leak, the latter site having contacted Warner Bros., who said that the story is false. The truth is that we will not see a script for The Dark Knight Rises until they want us to see a script for The Dark Knight Rises. There's no "insider" at WB emailing it to his friends and I can guarantee that there is an extremely limited number of people who have even touched the paper its written on, let along had the chance to read it. If you come across this story anywhere else online, be sure to ignore it. 

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