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Voilah! French Animation

By Edric  /  10 Apr 2018 (Tuesday)

With so many films and activities to watch at Voilah!  2018, here's three animation to watch at the Projector this April.

1. A Cat in Paris
Dino is a Hitchcockian cat that leads a double life - a slinky pet by day and a slippery burglar by night. His two worlds collide when his owner, young Zoe decides to follow him on his nocturnal adventurers across the idiosyncratic Art-Deco and Cubist skylines of Notre-Dame but falls into the treacherous hands of some bumbling thieves - will Dino be able to save her by himself?

Nominated for Best Animated Feature at the 84th Academy Award (First time two foreign animated films have been nominated together in this category).

21st April, 2:00 PM
The Projector

2. The Triplets Of Belleville
Richly detailed with Ghibli-esque surrealist undertones, The Triplets Of Belleville sees a distressed mother enlisting the help of three vaudevillian grannies in a raucously trippy trip to track down the mafia who kidnapped her son - a visually intoxicating journey masterfully signposted by Benoît Charest's toe-tappingly playful jazz score.

Nominated for Best Animated Feature and Best Original Song at the 76th Academy Award.

14th April, 5:30 PM | 22nd April, 4:30 PM
The Projector

3. Fantastic Planet
A gloriously psychedelic epic reminiscent of early Yayoi Kusama, Fantastic Planet is a manic observation of cyclical oppression and struggle through the lives of humanoid creatures in a distant world. Dissolving the lines between sci-fi, fantasy, and horror, this deceptively abstract film is like entering a strange dream where nothing yet everything makes sense - a rich allegorical tapestry that's a delight for both young and old.

Winner of the Grand Prix Special Jury Prize at the 1973 Cannes Film Festival and ranked 36th greatest animated movie ever by the Rolling Stone magazine in 2016.

15th & 29th April, 5:30 PM
The Projector
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