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EUFF Returns for its 28th Edition

By Edric  /  12 Apr 2018 (Thursday)

Singapore's longest foreign film festival, The European UnionFilm Festival (EUFF) returns for its 28th edition from 10th to 20th May 2018. For the second year, the 28th EUFF screenings will take place at the iconic National Gallery Singapore with over 20 films, reflecting the diversity of perspectives, histories, and cultures from across Europe. Here's what to watch at EUFF this year.

Fly Away Home - Austria
Opening the festival this year is Fly Away Home from Austria. Set in Vienna 1945: The powder keg of war and the Russian occupation as seen through the innocent eyes of nine-year-old Christine. Bombed out and penniless, she and her family are up in a fancy villa in the outskirt of Vienna, a moment when class differences get amplified and all families in the house just want to survive. After the German soldiers capitulate, the Russians take over the house. Everybody is scared by the Russians, except Christine. Based on a novel by Christine Nöslinger, the most popular children's book author in Germany and Austria.

Director Mirjam Ungar will be present for the opening night screening on 10th May 2018.

When: 10 May, Thursday 7:00 PM | 18 May, Friday 7:00 PM

The Violin Player - Finland
Finnish playwright Paavo Westerberg makes his directional debut with this tale of musical obsession. A celebrated violin player, Karin, has to end her career after a car accident stops her fingers from working their magic. She starts teaching students who are twenty years younger than her only to find herself falling in love with Antti, one of her students. They are not an easy match, both being passionate about music and overly ambitious about their careers. The Violin Player is a romantic drama about giving up on your dreams and letting your ambitions lead you.

Director Westerberg will be present for the screening and post-show dialogue.

When: 11 May, Friday 7:00 PM

SuperSwede - Sweden
Inspired by a true story. This critically acclaimed documentary biopic is about Swedish racing legend Ronnie Peterson, who life ended abruptly in a violent crash on the Monza circuit in 1978, shocking the world. Alongside Ronnie's daughter, Nina Kennedy and several renowned figures from the racing world, SuperSwede takes the viewer on an epic journey back in a time when racing was known for its glamour, daring heroics, big business, and power, that over the course of a decade contributed to the death of more than 12 drivers.

Nina Kennedy, daughter of Ronnie Peterson will be present for the screening and post-show dialogue.

When: 14 May, Monday 7:00 PM

Fragment - EU Singapore ASEAN Special Collaboration
This year, the European Union in Singapore is proud to collaborate with Singapore's Asian Film Archive (a charity based in Singapore) to present Fragment, an omnibus film celebrating the strength and diversity of Southeast Asian independent cinema. Made up of a collage of ten stories, each distinctively embraces the other's subjectivities. Collective sentiments of vulnerability and fortitude are evocatively explored by ten filmmakers from the region.

When: 15 May, Tuesday 6:30 PM

Land of Mine - Denmark
Taking place in May 1945, only a few days after the end of the war, the film tells the story of how a group of German prisoners of war were brought to Denmark and forced to disarm two million landmines that had been scattered along the West Coast by German occupying forces. In charge of the enfeebled young men performing the dangerous task is Sergeant Carl Leopold Rasmussen. Like so many of his fellow Danes, he has a deep hatred for the Germans after suffered five years of hardships during the occupation. He lets his rage rain down on the prisoners, until one day a tragic incident makes him change his view of the enemy even it may be too late.

When: 20 May, Sunday 7:00 PM

The King's Choice - Norway
Based on the true story of three dramatic days, director Erik Poppe brings to the silver screen a small piece of history - known to few. 9 April 1940, the German war machine arrives in the city of Oslo, and the Norwegian King faces a choice that will change his country forever. The important historical events that unfold contributed to settling Norway's course in World War II.

When: 19 May, Saturday 4:00 PM

Sanctuary - Ireland
In a world conspiring to keep two people apart, can love actually triumph? Larry (Kieran Coppinger) and Sophie (Charlene Kelly) are in love and keen to book into a hotel for some alone time. Trouble is, both parties have intellectual disabilities and unless they are married, they are likely to be in breach of the law. Their sympathetic are worker Tom (Robert Doherty) comes to their rescue only to have a comedy of errors unfold as his other charges run amok. Director Len Collin's debut features a  real-life cast of intellectually disabled actors. Sanctuary has been hailed for its considerable humour while treating tough issues with compassion and understanding.

When: 13 May, Sunday 4:00 PM

Life Feels Good - Poland
Inspired by true events, Chce się zyć (Life Feels Good), is the touching, optimistic and humorous story of Mateusz, who was born with cerebral palsy and diagnosed at a young age as mentally disabled with no ability to communicate. The story, shown in flashback, highlights his struggle to prove to everyone that despite his physical handicap, he is, in fact, highly intelligent and capable.

When: 19 May, Saturday 7:00 PM

The Stronghold - Ukraine
During a solar eclipse, an ordinary boy Vitko finds himself transported a thousand years back, in Kyivan Rus, in midst of a decisive battle between good and evil. With the help of a magic stone which gives him power and the strong knights whom he knew only from books by his side, he is facing black magic and an army led by the giant rock monster. Only the boy's bravery will decide if the light overthrows darkness and if the future turns out the way we know it today. This tale - also the first Ukrainian fantasy future film - is based on the eponymous book by Volodymyr Rutkowski.

When: 12 May, Saturday 1:30 PM

Breathe - United Kingdom
If you have missed the movie premiere of Breathe in Singapore, here's your chance to catch this inspirational film again at the theatres!

Inspired by the true love story of Robin Cavendish, a handsome, brilliant and adventurous young man whose life takes a dramatic turn when polio leaves him paralysed. This heart-warming celebration of human possibility marks the directorial debut of Andy Serkis.

The British Council presents "Breathe" by Andy Serkis as part of their wider Inclusive Arts campaign. The film will be accessible to viewers with hearing impairments via subtitles.

When: 16 May, Wednesday 7:00 PM

Visit www.euff.sg for more information and updates on the 28th European Union Film Festival.

EUFF 2018 Dates & Ticketing
The EUFF will take place from 10 to 20 May and will be held at the National Gallery Singapore.

Festival tickets are priced at S$12 and are available for sale through SISTIC starting from 9 April. Concessions are extended to National Gallery Singapore members, those aged 55 years and above, NSFs, students, Singapore Film Society members, and group purchases of 6 tickets or more (S$1 off per ticket). Get your tickets from www.sistic.com.sg.
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