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New Movies InCinemas this June

By InCinemas  /  02 Jun 2018 (Saturday)
Image credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

So many movies. So little time. How to keep track?
That’s what we are here for – to keep you updated on the new releases.
Start planning, and decide which movies are worthy of your attention (and money) to watch InCinemas.
[Click on the movie titles for more film info]

Champion (Opens 31 May)
Arm-wrestling comedy from Korea starring Don Lee (that heroic muscular uncle from ‘Train To Busan’!).
Looks funny, heartwarming and sweet!

Adrift (Opens 31 May)
Romance thriller based on a true story. A young couple sets out on a sailing trip and accidentally sail into one of the biggest hurricanes in history. Badly injured and clinging to life on a boat battered by the storm, they have to depend on each other as they struggle to survive. Good looking couple fighting (not with each other!) for their lives! Yes!

Also opening 31 May:
Duck Duck Goose
Mary Shelley
Show Dogs

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (Opens 7 June)
More dinosaur carnage! New bad hybrid dinosaurs! Volcano about to erupt! Jeff Goldblum is back!
Judging by the trailer, this latest installment looks scarier and more exciting than ever!

Also opening 7 June:
Laplace's Witch
Here Comes The Grump

Ocean's 8 (Opens 14 June)
All-female spinoff of the ‘Ocean’s Eleven’ series with Sandra Bullock leading a crew of women to pull off a heist.
Looks very slick and stylish!

Incredibes 2 (Opens 14 June)
Long-awaited sequel, regarded by many, to one of Pixar’s all-time best films. Even though we have waited 14 years, the story picks up right where the original left off. This time, there is a new secret villain to endanger the superhero family. 
Quite sure baby Jack-Jack will develop new superpowers to help battle their nemesis. Power On!

Also opening 14 June:
American Animals

Tag (Opens 21 June)
In this comedy based on a true story published in a Wall Street Journal article, a group of former classmates play an elaborate game of tag for a month every year that involves travelling all over the country. Looks surprisingly action-packed and fun!

Hereditary (Opens 21 June)
Already critically acclaimed as a modern-day horror masterpiece, this horror mystery sure looks creepy and terrifying. Be prepared!

Also opening 21 June:
The Big Day (Local)
Book Club
Future World

Hotel Artemis (Opens 28 June)
This ‘secret hospital for criminals’ thriller looks like it has a lot of potential to be awesome. Great story setup with an interesting cast!

Also opening 28 June:
The Brits Are Coming


(All release dates are for Singapore, and are subject to change)

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