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Nathan Hartono and Ferlyn G to debut in When Ghost Meets Zombie!

By Say Peng  /  28 Jun 2018 (Thursday)

Photo credit: WaWa Pictures
Both singers Nathan Hartono and Ferlyn Wong (who goes by the stage name Ferlyn G) have appeared in supporting roles over the years. 

Hartono has starred in a supporting role in the HBO Asia's TV series Halfworlds and a supporting role in the 10-episode Youtube web series Can You Not?!.

For Wong, who was a member of Kpop group Skarf before she quit in 2014 to pursue a solo career, she has even lesser acting experiences. She has done a couple of cameo roles, including one in Mediacorp's Lion Mums and It Takes Two series and one in the Chinese New Year-themed comedy The Fortune Handbook.  

To add to the pressure, both Hartono and Wong are not only acting together for the first time, but in a language that both are not strong in. To improve their Mandarin speaking skills, Hartono and Wong have decided to text each other only in Mandarin as well as to speak as much Mandarin as they can.

In When Ghost Meets Zombie, Hartono plays the zombie, Pong, while Wong plays the ghost, Zhen Zhen. After sacrificing his life to save his villagers from a flood, Pong was turned into a zombie by a Taoist priest and leads a lonely and meaningless life. One fine day, Pong meets Zhen Zhen, whose passion and persistance encourages him to help her realise her dream. Together, they forge a plan to compete in a male beauty pageant. 

(From left: director Han Yew Kwang, Kate Pang, Ferlyn G, Nathan Hartono, Jessica Liu, Jeremy Chan) Photo credit: WaWa Pictures 

Also starring in the film is husband and wife Jeremy Chan and Jessica Liu in their first movie together, Kate Pang, Andie Chen, Dennis Chew, Fann Wong, and Gurmit Singh. Helming the film is director Han Yew Kwang, most recently known for his Yeo Yann Yann-starring sex comedy Rubbers.

Produced by WaWa Pictures, Shining Entertainment, Clover Films, and Artistes Marketing Asia, the film will go into production next month and is slated to be released in the first quarter of 2019.

To keep up to date with the production, be sure to follow WaWa Pictures on their Facebook and Instagram pages.
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