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Chapman To 杜汶澤 and Mark Lee 李国煌 fall out with each other?

By InCinemas  /  02 Jul 2018 (Monday)

Image credit: mm2 Entertainment

InCinemas was invited to the set visit of ‘Yu Jian Huang Chong: The Movie’ where special cameo guest Chapman To 杜汶澤 was present on-set with Mark Lee 李国煌, who also directs the movie. In the scene, both were engaged in a disagreement and subsequently fall out with each other in a dramatic but hilarious way of course.
During interview, Mark Lee informed us that this is his debut as a director for a full-length feature movie. When the script requires a cameo from a well-known actor, he immediately reached out to Chapman To. As Mark previously cameo-ed in ‘Let’s Eat’ directed by Chapman, he joked that he expect Chapman to return a favour. Chapman, being a person with great loyalty to his friends, immediately agreed. Both actors also previously collaborated in the comedy ‘Mahjong King’ and got along very well as they are straight talking people and don’t like to lie. It is due to their similar character traits that they feel very comfortable working with each other. Chapman, always the joker, added that Mark called upon him for this role because he has limited acting skills and will not overshadow him. Their great camaraderie shows that we can expect more collaborations between these two comedy kings in future.
‘Yu Jian Huang Chong: The Movie’ (Working title) is Singapore's first semi-fictional movie, starring Chen Biyu, Marcus Chin, Mark Lee and Dennis Chew as exaggerated but real versions of themselves. Everyone knows the famous radio quartet for their popular morning radio programme, but not their very real, off-the-air lives revealed in this movie. Will they continue to rule the air waves despite all the challenges?
《玉建煌崇大件事》是一部揭露四位名嘴的真实生活,也是本地首部实况电影!玉建煌崇总是敢敢讲,敢敢说。然而, 辉煌的成绩, 只是表面的那一层面, 现实生活当中的‘玉建煌崇’ 是不是就如大家眼里那样, 凡事得心应手, 处处逢春呢? 现实生活中面临挑战的他们,是否还能称霸广播界?
This movie is slated to open InCinemas later this year.
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