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Natalie Portman transforms herself in new trailer 'Vox Lux'

By Say Peng  /  01 Nov 2018 (Thursday)

Natalie Portman channels Lady Gaga and Madonna in her new film 'Vox Lux'.

Portman plays Celeste, a rising pop star with a violent past. She shot to stardom when she and her sister (played by Stacy Martin) compose and sang a song about their experiences at a memorial for a mass shooting. After a set back by a scandal, Celeste is trying to mount her comeback.

The film also stars Jude Law, who plays Celeste's manager.

'Vox Lux' is expected to be in the running for next year's Oscars, with Portman being a major contender for the Best Actress award.

'Vox Lux' is actor-director Brady Corbet's sophomore feature, following his critically acclaimed debut 'The Childhood of a Leader', which won Best Debut film and Best Director at the Venice International Film Festival in 2015.

'Vox Lux' will screen at the Singapore International Film Festival this December. Get your tickets here.

At the moment, there are no news of a wide theatrical release.
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