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Director Shawn Seet and Actor Finn Little of 'Storm Boy' Attended the Red Carpet Premiere at Singapore's 1st Cinema in the Financial District

By Flora  /  17 Jan 2019 (Thursday)

Photo Credit: Salt Media & Entertainment

Salt Media & Entertainment launched a new cinema located in Singapore’s central business district, located on the 9th level of Capital Tower along Robinson Road.

In collaboration with CapitaLand, Salt Media will be operating Salt Media @ Capital Tower, where inspirational and ‘value-based movies’ will be screened there. This means that the cinema will not be showing your favourite superhero flicks, or the usual Hollywood fare by mainstream theatres. 

Photo Credit: Salt Media & Entertainment 

To celebrate the launch and premiere of the iconic Australian film, Storm Boy, director Shawn Seet, along with producer Matthew Street and child actor Finn Little graced the red carpet on Tuesday. The Australian High Commissioner to Singapore, His Excellency Mr Bruce Gosper, was the Guest-of-Honour. 

Storm Boy is a remake of the 1976 classic film of the same name which stars Geoffrey Rush, Jai Courtney, Trevor Jamieson and breakout star Finn Little. The movie follows a young boy who rescues three pelicans along the Southern Australia coastline, forming a close bond with them in the process. Salt Media & Entertainment also served the role as co-producers on the film. 

Photo Credit: Ambience Entertainment

“One of the main challenges was the extreme weather,” shared director Seet. “We had to travel half an hour by boat every day to the location and had to bring out own water and electricity. And every day the weather changes - sometimes it will be stormy and sometimes it will be very sunny. So we had to be flexible and ready to change the scene according to the weather.”

Little, who plays Mike in the movie, shared with the Singapore audience about the times filming with the pelicans. “We met the pelicans during pre-production to meet and bond with them. They are really beautiful birds and even during filming you warm up to them even more and get used to them.”

“Just a couple of days ago, we visited them at the Adelaide zoo in Australia… and I think one of them was a bit suspicious,” he joked.

The new theatre boasts a high-resolution 4K laser projector and a Dolby Surround 7.1 sound system. Ticket sales will be done online only.
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