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Local Movie 'When Ghost Meets Zombie' Launches Weekend Promotion

By Flora  /  21 Feb 2019 (Thursday)

Photo Credit: Golden Village Pictures

Zombie comedy When Ghost Meets Zombie, starring Nathan Hartono and Ferlyn G opened islandwide on 14th February, climbing to the top spot as the #1 Asian movie last week with $150,000 in box office sales. 

To thank the fans, there will be a $2 discount with every purchase of 2 tickets this weekend (22 - 25 Feb) at Golden Village and WE Cinemas. 

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When Ghost Meets Zombie tells the story of Pong (Nathan), who turns into a zombie when saving his town from a disaster. He led a mechanical and aimless life until a female ghost named Zhen Zhen (Ferlyn) came into his life. Zhen Zhen, whose pet phrase is “If you have no dreams, you are no different from a walking zombie.” believes one should live life to its fullest. The hilarious drama unfolds when Zhen Zhen possesses Pong to fulfil her pageant dreams and forces him to join a “Mr Perfect” competition. 

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