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Brie Larson's 'Unicorn Store' Heads to Netflix this April

By Flora  /  25 Mar 2019 (Monday)

Brie Larson makes her directorial debut in ‘Unicorn Store’, which she stars alongside her Captain Marvel co-star Samuel L. Jackson.

Unicorn Store premiered at the 2017 Toronto International Film Festival but it didn’t get picked up for distribution till this January and by Netflix, no less. 

Brie Larson stars as Kit, an eccentric 20-something woman with lingering teenage angst, can’t quite figure out who and how to be an adult. While at a job at a public relations firm, the buttoned-up job doesn’t quite fit with her bubbly personality that’s always filled with pastel colours and specks of glitter. That’s when she receives an invitation to a mysterious/magical Store where she is greeted by a kooky pink-suited Jackson. The store sells anything she needs and of course Kit chooses to purchase a unicorn and starts to make space in her garage for the mythical beast.

Unicorn Store also stars Joan Cusack and Bradley Whitford, and premieres on Netflix on April 5th.
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