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It's a season of horror as mm2 gears up to release 3 horror films in May

By Say Peng  /  25 Apr 2019 (Thursday)

Film still from 'DreadOut'

We have an insatiable hunger for horror films. 

Last year, mm2 released 'The 3rd Eye', 'Kuntilanak', 'Sabrina', 'Kafir', 'Suzzanna: Buried Alive', 'They Who Are Not Seen', and Indonesia's 'Satan’s Slaves' which earned over $500,000 during its run in Singapore cinemas.

This May, mm2 has ensured that local horror enthusiasts will have a field day with the release of 3 horror films from the region.

This year's top box office horror comedy movie in Thailand, 'Pee Nak' will finally see a release in Singapore. The film grossed 60 million THB within 4 days of its release on 21 Feb in Thailand.

At an old temple in the outskirts of the city, a terrifying legend persists that anyone who wants to be ordained at this temple will die by the wrath of “Pee Nak” spirit before the ordination ceremony is completed.

'Pee Nak' will show in cinemas on 1 May.

'The 3rd Eye' (known as 'Mata Batin' in Indonesian) was a modest success in Singapore last year.

Director Rocky Soraya returns with 'The 3rd Eye 2', the sequel which continues the story of a psychic woman who must rescue the children at a haunted orphanage.

'The 3rd Eye 2' will show in cinemas on 16 May.

As everyone knows, Thailand is a powerhouse for Asian horror and their latest movies are no exception.

Enter Thai romantic horror 'Krasue: Inhuman Kiss'.

The film is based on traditional Thai folklore about the Krasue – a being cursed to live as an ordinary human by day and a bloodthirsty demon by night.

When a young girl falls under this curse, her lover decides to stand by her despite the horrifying truth. This is what you'd call true love.

'Krasue: Inhuman Kiss' will show in cinemas on 30 May 2019.

Can't wait for May to come to watch 'The 3rd Eye 2' and 'Krasue: Inhuman Kiss'? Don't worry.

Still showing in cinemas are Thai horror films 'Reside' and 'Pee Nak' and Indonesian horror film 'DreadOut'.

After the massive success of 2004’s 'Shutter', lead actors Ananda Everingham and Natthaweeranuch Thongmee reunite for 'Reside'.

The mystery horror directed by Wisit Sasanatieng ('Tears of the Black Tiger' and 'Ten Years: Thailand') follows a group of cultists involved in a dark ritual gone wrong.

Last but not least, 'DreadOut'.

The Indonesian horror adventure movie is adapted from the internationally successful indie survival horror game of the same name.

It is directed by cult filmmaker Kimo Stamboel of the Mo Brothers, who have previously made the popular martial arts action movie 'Headshot', psychological thriller 'Killers', and the violent slasher 'Macabre'.

Hopefully, all these horror films have whet your appetite for some scares.
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