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10 Movies Not To Be Missed In The Months Of March and April

By Chen Shun  /  19 Mar 2020 (Thursday)

You must be thinking that there aren’t anymore shows in Singapore theatres since most of the blockbusters have delayed their releases right? Don’t worry! All film distributors in Singapore have been sourcing for movies throughout the world. Let us take a look what’s coming up soon!

Pee Nak 2

19 Mar 2020
Language: Thai with English subtitles
Genre: Comedy, Horror 
Director: Phontharis Chotkijsadarsopon
Cast: Vachiravit Paisarnkulwong, Phiravich Attachitsataporn, Puwadon Vejvongsa

After Monk Nong, Monk First and Monk Balloon fulfilled their pledges and defeated the ghost of Nak Nont, peace is restored at Thamma Nakanimitr Temple. However, wanting to live secular lives, Balloon and First secretly leave monkhood, leaving Nong at the temple with Novice Nott and Odd. It's not long before the two return, seeking refuge from a new ghost that has started harassing them. Just when things are looking worse for them, since now they cannot leave the cursed temple without coming to any harm, they meet Toh, a Korean-Thai singer who has come to the temple to be ordained there.

The Clock: Spirit Awakening

26 Mar 2020
Language: Khmer with English subtitles 
Genre: Drama Horror
Director: Leak Lyda
Cast: Sorn Piseth, Nov Dana, Khul Samanta, Yem Srey, Charlotte Van Hollekebe

In the year of 1940, the song Gloomy Sunday was known as the suicide song as many suicides recorded were related to it. Listening to this song has led to a French lady committing suicide as well after the death of her boyfriend, a clock engineer at that time. Her soul was not at peace and it returned with the purpose of fulfilling the desires of other victims of depression. Cheata, a girl living with her father and stepmother after her biological mother, Chanda, left the family, is suffering from depression. Every day she suffers mental and physical abuses from her stepmother. Together with her longing for her true mother, this led Cheata to slip deeper and deeper into depression. Holding on to her mother's photo and listening to her mother's lullaby every night does little to heal her heartache and depression. It is through this weakness that Cheata succumbed and falls under the control of the spirit of the French Lady who possesses the Clock.

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Escape From Pretoria

26 Mar 2020
Language: English
Genre: Thriller
Director: Francis Annan
Cast:  Daniel Radcliffe, Ian Hart, Daniel Webber

 Escape From Pretoria is the true story of Tim Jenkin (Daniel Radcliffe) and Stephen Lee (Daniel Webber), young, white South Africans branded “terrorists”, and imprisoned in 1978 for working covert operations for Nelson Mandela’s banned ANC. Incarcerated in Pretoria Maximum Security Prison, they decide to send the apartheid regime a clear message and escape! With breath-taking ingenuity, meticulous surveillance, and wooden keys crafted for 10 steel doors, they make a bid for freedom... Beyond a thrilling will-they-won’t-they-escape, this is the story of an oppressed majority’s struggle, and two ordinary men who stood-up to be counted in the pursuit of equality for all.

Low Season

02 Apr 2020
Language: Thai with English & Chinese subtitles
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Director:  Nareubadee Wetchakam
Cast: Mario Maurer, Ploypailin Thangprapaporn, Kidakarn Chatkaewmanee, Akkarin Akaranithimetrath, Sriphan Chunechomboon

Embark on a journey of self-discovery with ‘Low Season’ and cross paths with Mario Maurer! Two is company. Three’s a crowd. Lin, a young girl who can see the dead broke up with her boyfriend and decided to leave the city for a break. She heads to the faraway resort in the North alone during the so-called “Low Season”, confident that she won’t have to meet the ‘tourists’ that will get on her nerves. Ironically, she meets a group of ‘weirdos’ from different walks of life. They share a common aim – to heal their ‘wounds’ during the low season period. Lin’s plan of ‘lonesome chillin’ out’ is hindered by their company. Lin is joined by Put, a young screenwriter who seeks inspiration for a horror story. Unknowingly, Lin becomes the source of material for his writings. They embark on an adventure to escape from the ghost and gradually falls in love…. But is it love? Lin can see ghosts but can she see Love for what it is?

The Bridge Curse《女鬼桥》

09 Apr 2020
Language: Chinese
Genre: Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Director: Lester Hsi
Cast: Ning Chang, Cheng Ko, J.C. Lin

 A group of undergraduate students who dare to test the urban legend that anyone who crosses a ghostly bridge - where a women once took her own life - at midnight will find evil awaiting them.

Fun Fact: ‘The Bridge Curse’ is a huge box office success in Taiwan that garnered over NT$23 million over the 228 Peace Memorial Day long weekend which is no easy feat to accomplish! ​


09 Apr 2020
Language: English
Genre: Mystery, Sci-Fi
Director: Lorcan Finnegan
Cast:  Jesse Eisenberg, Imogen Poots, Jonathan Aris, Danielle Ryan

In their search for the perfect first house, Gemma and Tom follow a mysterious real estate agent to a new housing development, Yonder. The place is curiously empty and silent. After showing them a house, the agent disappears and the couple realises they are now trapped in the strange labyrinth-like neighbourhood, where the roads mysteriously keep taking them back to where they started every time they try to leave. When a baby suddenly appears with the instruction for them to raise it and only then they’ll be released, they reluctantly begin raising the child.


16 Apr 2020
Language: Indonesian with English Subtitles
Genre: Horror
Director: Joko Anwar
Cast: Asmara Abigail, Christine Hakim, Ario Bayu, Marissa Anita, Tara Basro

After surviving a murder attempt in the city, Maya, a down-on-her-luck young woman, learns that she may inherit a house in her ancestral village. With her friend Dini, Maya returns to the village of her birth, unaware that the community has been trying to locate and kill her to remove the curse that has plagued the village for years. As she begins to discover the complicated reality about her past, Maya finds herself in a fight for her life.

Don’t Cry For Me Sudan: Shukran Baba

23 Apr 2020
Language: Korean
Genre: Documentary
Director: Sung Ok Kang
Cast: Tae Seok Lee

Tonj, Sudan is the land with only desperation from poverty and war. This is the story of Priest, also Doctor, Educator, Musician and Architect Lee Tae-seok’s work and hidden episode. He finds answer of happiness at Tonj. His sincerity and devotion towards the people in Tonj, Sudan is mind blowing. This documentary is about remembering the ‘Real Tae Seok Lee’, and listening to his warm story.

Stare: The Curse of Shirai-San

30 Apr 2020
Language: Japanese
Genre: Mystery
Director: Otsuichi
Cast:  Manami Enosawa, Marie Iitoyo, Yû Inaba

 Dead bodies with eyeballs ruptured are continuously found. Their direct causes of death are heart attacks and they acted like they were possessed right before their deaths. Mizuki (Marie Iitoyo) is a university student. Her friend dies in front of her. Meanwhile, Haruo’s (Yu Inaba) younger brother dies. Mizuki and Haruo begin to investigate together. They learn that Eiko holds a key to the mystery. Soon, Eiko's eyeballs rupture and she dies by a heart attack. Before she dies, she mentions the word “Shirai-san.”

#Iamhere (#Jesuisla)

30 Apr 2020
Language: French with English subtitles
Genre: Comedy
Director: Eric Lartigau
Cast: Doona Bae, Alain Chabat, Vincent Nemeth

Stephane leads a trouble - free existence. He has taken over his father’s restaurant. He has two adult sons, an ex - wife... and a new love: Soo, a mysterious South Korean he met on Instagram. One day, on a whim, Stephane decides to visit her in Seoul. He will spend 10 days looking for Soo. Full of adventures, his journey will open him up to the world... and to himself.

Are there any movies that catches your eye? Let us know in the comments below!
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