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Awkwafina Goes to China in Chinese-American director Lulu Wang's 'The Farewell'

By Say Peng  /  10 May 2019 (Friday)

In what seems to be another landmark role for Awkwafina, the 'Crazy Rich Asians' breakout starlet is back on the big screen, this time playing Billi, a Chinese-American woman who returns to China after her grandmother has been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer, a secret that Billi's family has decided to keep secret from the elder matriarch.

From the trailer alone, we can tell that this role is diametrically opposite of Awkwafina's loud and sassy Goh Peik Lin from 'Crazy Rich Asians'. It's much more subdued and naturalistic. Definitely a great showcase for Awkwafina's dramatic range.

But initially, Awkwafina was afraid that she will not do the role justice. Check out the interview below.

Director Lulu Wang shared that the film is inspired by real life, where her family really did not tell her grandmother about her Stage V cancer. The movie opens with the title card "Based on a real lie."


'The Farewell' premiered at Sundance Film Festival earlier this year and scored critical success. The Hollywood Reporter calls it a "highly engaging charmer of a movie that never puts a foot wrong."

Unfortunately, there is currently no plan for a Singapore release.
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