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Inflatable Sculptures in New Exhibition at the ArtScience Museum!

By Flora  /  25 May 2019 (Saturday)

Museum of the Moon (2019) Luke Jerram
From gigantic bunnies to a replica of the moon, inflate your imaginations at Floating Utopias at the ArtScience Museum.
More than 40 artworks, including eight giant inflatable sculptures, the exhibition explores the wonders of floating objects ever since the first hot-air balloon ascended into the skies in the 18th century.

Somehow I Don’t Feel Comfortable (2000), Momoyo Torimitsu 
The exhibition also dives into the social history of inflatable objects, showing how they have been used in art, architecture and social activism over the decades. More than 15 international and local artists have displayed their pieces here, including Ant Farm, Tools for Action (Artúr van Balen and Tomás Espinosa), Eventstructure Research Group, Anna Hoetjes, Luke Jerram, Franco Mazzucchelli, Ahmet Öǧüt, Marco Barotti, Tomás Saraceno, Graham Stevens, The Yes Men and UFO.

WALTER (2010, reproduced in 2019 series 2/3), Dawn Ng 
Presented in five chapters: Balloon Fever, Display and Disrupt, Bubble Architecture, Solar Sustainability and Vertical Exploration, visitors can look forward to some of the highlights including local artist Dawn Ng’s WALTER – an inflatable rabbit that has appeared around Singapore’s cityscape, giving attention to overlooked spaces such as shophouses and playgrounds around the island.

Museo Aero Solar

Join in creating a massive installation with plastic bags. Visitors are encouraged to bring their used plastic bags and work together inside the galleries to create a giant, colourful patchwork balloon which will be launched into the air towards the end of the season run.

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Moon Landing in 1969, ArtScience Museum has commissioned UK artist, Luke Jerram to create a new version of the stunning inflatable installation, Museum of the Moon. Measuring six-metres in diameter, the massive lunar sculpture features detailed, high-resolution NASA imagery of the lunar surface. The 3D moon will hang just above viewers’ heads, compelling visitors to come close and circle the installation as each angle of the moon is different.

In addition, people can also look forward to performances, workshops and guided tours. 

Floating Utopias runs from 25 May to 29 September 2019. More information here
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