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Free film screenings at the first-ever ciNE65 Festival!

By Flora  /  30 May 2019 (Thursday)

Film still from 'Rojak'. Credit: Nexus, MINDEF

From 5-9 June, the inaugural festival, ciNE65 festival, will celebrate short films produced by local filmmakers from current and earlier ciNE65 seasons. (More information here)

In line with Singapore’s Bicentennial in 2019, Nexus and Objectifs curated the films along the theme of “Singapura”. Local film director Ervin Han’s first animated short film in his Singapore Bicentennial Trilogy, “1299”, will also premiere at the screening on 5 June at The Cathay. 

Other short films by well-known local directors that will be screened during the festival include “Parting” by Boo Junfeng, “Bunga Sayang” by Royston Tan, “Homesick” by Anthony Chen and “The Flame” by K. Rajagopal. 

Film still from 'From You To Me'. Credit: Nexus, MINDEF

ciNE65 is the largest national platform for film students and young film-makers to produce short films that deepen our sense of belonging to Singapore. Launched in July 2011, ciNE65 is now into its fifth season. ciNE65 2019 consists of four commissioned films, a short film competition “ciNE65 Movie Makers Awards” (ciNE65 MMA), film-making seminars and workshops, and the ciNE65 Festival. 

The theme for ciNE65 2019, “Singapura”, calls on film-makers to reflect on the stories of our past generations that make us Singaporean. Winners of the short film competition to be unveiled at the finale of the ciNE65 Festival at the awards ceremony. Nominated film-makers will be at the screenings to share their thoughts and tell us how they interpreted the theme “Singapura”. The public can vote for their favourite film, actor and actress on the ciNE65 website (www.cine65.sg).

The ciNE65 Festival 2019 will be followed by the ciNE65 Awards Ceremony on 13 June 2019, where the winners of the ciNE65 Movie Makers Award, Jury’s Choice Awards, and Audience Choice Awards will be announced. 
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