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Hide-and-Seek game gets serious in 'Ready Or Not'

By Say Peng  /  25 Jun 2019 (Tuesday)

'Ready or Not', a new thriller by up-and-coming co-directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett, has the most intriguing premise I've seen in a while.

Check out the trailer.

Australian actress - and if I may add, Margot Robbie-lookalike - Samara Weaving (niece of Hugo Weaving) plays Grace, the newly married bride of Daniel Le Domas (American actor Adam Brody). 

Little does she know that she's marrying into a seriously disturbed family, who has a long hallowed tradition of playing life-and-death hide-and-seek with new brides. 

The film also has tons of dark comedy that alleviates the film beyond a standard thriller.

Ready or Not will screen exclusively at Cathay Cineplexes from 22 August.
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