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View 23:59 Movie Trailer and its new Teaser poster!

By InCinemas  /  22 Sep 2011 (Thursday)
[Watch 23:59 Movie Trailer and Teaser Poster below!]
Training to be soldiers! Fight for our land~
Once in our life, Two years of our time~

This song lyrics would have brought back some memories of the army life to most of the Singaporean males who had served their National Service (NS). And for those who had gone through their Basic Military Training (BMT) in Pulau Tekong, they would have heard a thing or two about the island which have been passed down from one generation to another.

In the upcoming horror movie 23:59, a rumour had been circulating like wild fire amongst the soldiers. A mad woman living on the island had died at the exact hour of 23:59, and it is believed that her spirit had returned to haunt the soldiers at the exact same time. [Read its Full Synopsis and get a first look at its Movie Stills!]

Watch its 23:59 movie trailer and get a feel of its spookiness especially at the 1:24 min mark of the trailer. Hmm.. Very curious about its story.. The movie is both written and directed by Gilbert Chan.

[23:59 Official Movie Trailer]

Look closely! At the 0:12min mark, a soldier actually fell off the high wall! Poor boy..

I thought it was pretty funny when Mark Lee makes his appearance in the trailer as a platoon Sergeant and speaking Singlish to the boys. "Backside itch, too long never play girl, want to play with each other is it?"

Nice hair style for a Sergeant! (note that the story is set in 1983)

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Now if you would just proceed and cheeck out its teaser which lasts less than a minute.

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[23:59 Teaser]

23:59 opens InCinemas 3 November 2011. Rating to be advised.

P.S. Stay tuned at InCinemas as we'll be bringing its movie review when nearer to its release date! =)

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