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Martin Scorsese’s “The Irishman” is out on Netflix and here’s why you should watch it in one sitting

By Flora  /  28 Nov 2019 (Thursday)

Brace yourself. Martin Scorsese’s upcoming epic, 'The Irishman' is over three hours long, but trust us, it’s going to be worth it.
There's a reason why it is presented as a film and not a TV series. 

What Is It 

Based on the 2004 book “I Heard You Paint Houses” by Charles Brandt, it tells the tale of Frank Sheeran (played by Robert De Niro), the mob hitman who got close to the Mafia, and is thought to be responsible for the death of his friend Jimmy Hoffa (played by Al Pacino). The film also recounts the key events that happened in America’s history including the assassination of John F. Kennedy. 

If you’re all about crime and mafia movies, then The Irishman should be in your radar and the top of the list of what to watch next. The good thing is that you don’t have to fight for queue lines to get a ticket, but you do miss the glory of the violent mafia lore. Robert De Niro recounts his past in a wheelchair in a retirement home, guiding viewers through his secret and gruesome history as a hitman through flashbacks. 

Scripted by Oscar-winning Schindler’s List writer Steven Zaillian, the film never attempts to quicken its pace in its storytelling, and gives us the quintessential American gangster movie that we have come to love in films like ‘Goodfellas’ and ‘The Godfather’.

Screen Acting Masterclass

If anything, watch it for Robert De Niro, Al Pacino and Joe Pesci.

Very few actors have been able to portray the cold and heartless mobster like Pesci, who came out of his retirement to star in this film. His unassuming presence but lethal influence as the underworld kingpin makes it a more exciting character arc for this character. He doesn’t need to speak much, but when he does, you listen. 

Needless to say, De Niro nailed this performance as Frank Sheeran, the veteran of the Second World War who later confessed to being involved with killings of prisoners of war. To supplement his wage after his time serving the nation, he gets involved in criminal activities and slowly, after decades, rise through the ranks and followed killing orders. De Niro played Sheeran from a 30-year-old chap to a frail old man and he carefully embodies the character in his physical body, his speech patterns, down to his delivery in Sheeran's life stages.

De-aging Technology

What’s interesting watch is to see the de ageing for the three main actors who played younger versions of their characters. If you were impressed at Robert Downey Jr as the young Tony Stark in Captain America: Civil War, you’ll be blown away by this. In fact, the VFX was so convincing that it presents a sense of awe but never takes away your attention from the story or the performances of the actors. 

Prepare Yourself 

Yes, it’s on Netflix and yes, you can hit the pause button at any time for a quick pee-break or refill your snacks before continuing the film, but it breaks the momentum of the story and you definitely don’t want to do that. A quick Google will let you find out about the breaks you could take in the film, but our advice is to do the necessary prep beforehand and enjoy the 209-minute runtime.

Sure, it demands a level of commitment from viewers, but isn’t this the beauty of The Irishman as well? 

The Irishman is now streaming on Netflix.
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