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Netflix Launches New Feature

By Chen Shun  /  25 Feb 2020 (Tuesday)

If you launced Netflix this morning you will realise there is a newly-added feature - an additional row with its own design that will allow you to view the most popular shows currently streaming in Singapore. What’s more, this row will be updated daily and it will be placed according to how relevant the films are to you. So every single account will look different depending on your own preferences.

In addition to the newly-added feature, Netflix also added a “Top 10” badge to the top 10 most popular series and films. This can all be seen when you click into the movie and TV shows tabs. This “Top 10” badge will stay with the show no matter where or how you search it in app. That way you will never miss out on what is trending and most watched by everyone around you ever again.

This feature will be available throughout the globe.

*All images in this article are samples by Netflix, not reflective of the actual top 10
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