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Mulan Star Say She “Can Do More Push-Ups” Now

By Chen Shun  /  04 Mar 2020 (Wednesday)

In Disney’s 1998 animated classic “Mulan”, all it took was the artist brush strokes to give the heroine her impressive abilities. For the live-action, it isn’t as simple as that. Just for the character of Mulan, our lead actress, Liu Yifei underwent a lengthy and intense training process. Thankful none of the training is going to waste as Liu Yifei is elated that she “can do more push-ups” now quoting: 

“I’ve had three months of the training process. It’s quite challenging, six or seven hours a day. It’s been really helpful, I feel like I can do more push-ups.”

It's one thing to look the part of a warrior, but it’s another thing to feel like one and it seems like Liu Yifel has gotten both the part down. For three months, she trained and rehearsed for six or seven hours a day to become Mulan onscreen. That is a ton of work day in and day out, and according to Liu Yifei, it was quite challenging.

Mulan is set to hit the cinemas on 26 March 2020 in Singapore.
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