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Some Netizens Can’t Seem To Get Off Jeanette Aw’s Case

By Chen Shun  /  06 Mar 2020 (Friday)

Ever since the outbreak of COVID-19, Singapore has advised people to take a Leave of Absence (LOA) for those who returned from China but you will be given a quarantine order if you returned from specifically Hubei. For those that are living under a rock, I shall explain what’s the difference between the two. LOA of 14 days after returning to Singapore is a CHOICE whereas a quarantine order is ENFORCED by the government for you to confine yourself at home.

Jeanette landed in Singapore on Monday (Feb 3) and immediately chose to take a LOA for the next two weeks. Instead of doing nothing, she has been constantly updating her Instagram Stories throughout the process. She has also taken a jab back at well…fanatic netizens.

“By the way…please stop asking if I have seen the doctor and if I need to be quarantined. I’m choosing to be responsible to myself and to others.”

I guess she had enough of netizens DMing her with unnecessary text. With one Instagram Story, I think she has shut down most of the people that are just…Kia Si.
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