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Be Prepared For The Sequel Of “Kingdom 2”

By Chen Shun  /  06 Mar 2020 (Friday)

After a long and gruelling wait, the highly anticipated sequel, “Kingdom 2” will finally be making its debut! With how it ending off in the first season, we can look forward to more political battle and how our crown prince deal with the entire situation as the undead creeps towards the city. They are safe in the city for now but not for long…

All the main cast from the first season will be reprising their role in "Kingdom 2". It will be starring Joo Ji-hoon as Lee Chang, Ryu Seung-ryong as Jo Hak Joo, Bae Doo-na as Seo Bi and Kim Sung-gyu as Young Shin.

Some will fall. Some will rise. Blood will spill.
A bloody war between the living and the dead that no one can escape!
The fate of Joseon hangs in the balance.

In the trailer, we can see that there is a bigger conspiracy going on within the country but if you want to know more, you will have to watch “Kingdom 2” when it is released on 13th March in Netflix.
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