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Chinese Superstar Has Been Lying To His Fans Since Debut

By Chen Shun  /  10 Mar 2020 (Tuesday)

Wu Chun, one of the most popular star during his debut, recently revealed his true marital status. During his time in the Taiwanese boyband Fahrenheit, many fans loved him for his looks and hot body. 

Many fans are left feeling dismayed when the 40-year-old star revealed that he was actually married to his wife, Lin Liying, before his debut. During an appearance on a Chinese variety show “Before Wedding”, the loving couple said that they have never organise a wedding ceremony and hope to have one through the show.

During the show, it was disclosed to the public that they tied the knot onDec 2, 2004. The revelation angered fans worldwide as he previously lied that their marriage year was 2009. What made matters worse was that many fans recalled that Fahrenheit’s debut was in 2005, which means Wu Chun was already a married man when he made his debut with the boyband.

Wu Chun and his wife, Lin Liying, in 2004

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