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Tom Holland Admits To Stealing Props From Set

By Chen Shun  /  09 Mar 2020 (Monday)

If you are an actor that stars in major blockbuster films, you will want to take iconic props home to commemorate your role in the film. The problem is that it’s usually quite difficult to sneak off any significant props once filming start as the crew does an accountability check every day to make sure props are in place. Although that hasn’t stopped Tom Holland from sneaking out some jaw-dropping props from the MCU movies, as he explained: 

"Yes, I have on every job I do. My house is littered with props from films. Honestly, I’ve got a set of web-shooters from the Spider-Man shoot, which Marvel doesn’t know about, but they do now… These are big ones. I’ve got Tony’s Stark’s glasses. I tried to take a suit once, but it’s a little bit difficult to walk out of the set in a Spider-Man suit. They’re like, ‘Uh."

During his recent guest appearance on BBC Radio 1, Tom Holland took part in a segment where he answered questions from curious children and one of the questions that caught everyone’s attention was if 'I'd ever stolen from a set and kept it a secret'. To everyone’s ‘surprise’ did he do it ‘on every job’ but he quickly clarifies that he took minor things like forks from their lunch catering.

Somehow Tom Holland managed to steal some props while filming for Spider-Man. Marvel is notorious for having some of the tightest security in Hollywood while on set which makes people wonder how Tom Holland manages to take off with props like web-shooters and Tony Stark’s E.D.I.T.H. glasses. Sadly, he was not skilled enough to slip a Spider-Man suit out as it is too big and bright to be taken out without being noticed. After the confession of stealing props on Spider-Man, he was asked If he could get in trouble and Holland answered: 

"I mean I haven’t [gotten in trouble] so far. And they always make loads of them because they break all the time. That’s why I’m like, ‘Oh, I lost the Tony Stark glasses.’ They’re like, ‘You what?!’ Now they’re on my mantelpiece."

That’s a smart way to proudly bring home a pair! If so many of those glasses are being made, there is no harm in pretending like you broke a pair and secretly keep the 'broken' pair. Now that Tom Holland has openly admitted to stealing on set, it is going to be hard to do it when production on his next Spider-Man movie begins as I’m pretty sure they will have crew members appointed just keep an eye on Tom Holland whenever he is on set. 
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