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The Responsible Way to Watch Movies at the Cinemas

By Chen Shun  /  17 Mar 2020 (Tuesday)
COVID-19 has been wreaking havoc on our lives. While we have been affected by this, here is a guide to help you navigate your cinema-going experience during this trying period. 

Precautionary Measures From You

1. Practise Good Hygiene

I can’t stress this enough, even when there isn’t a health crisis going on! Before you enter the theatre for your movie, PLEASE wash your hands properly with soap. Most of the time, moviegoers will have popcorn or snacks to go along with the movie and that means touching food barehanded and straight to your mouth. Imagine yourself doing that so many times in the course of a movie…

2. Stay home if you are unwell

Bottom line: If you are sick, stay at home. Be socially responsible. Theatres are enclosed spaces with a strong air-conditioning to make your full cinematic experience perfect, but it is not ideal for you are sick and start spreading your illness to everyone else in the same cinema hall as you.

Precautionary Measures from Cinemas

Ever since the breakout of COVID-19, every cinema in Singapore has taken some precautionary measures to prevent the spread of the virus in their theatres. Let’s take a look at what they are doing:

1. Temperature checks

Temperature checks are taken for every staff working at the cinemas daily to ensure that only healthy staff get to serve patrons. Temperature checks are also done at the point of entry to the hall for patrons*. So if you plan to go to the theatres anytime soon, you need to be 5-10mins earlier than your usual times as it might take some time for the staff to clear everyone into the hall.

*Those with a temperature above 37.5 will be barred from entering the cinemas

2. Hand Sanitisers Provided at Key Touch Points

The next time you go to a theatre, you can keep a lookout for hand sanitisers to use if you are afraid of contamination on your hands, especially if you are the type who tend to touch things absent-mindedly. It can be found in places like the cashiers, points of entry to movie halls and along hallways of the theatres.

3. Contact Tracing via QR Code (Golden Village)

If for some reason contact tracing is required, GV’s system allows MOH to quickly establish the contacts using the QR code on your ticket.

4. Social Distancing

Many cinemas have incorporated social distancing so that there is a seat of distance from someone else in the theatres. Shaw Theatres has launched their latest effort to help with the situation. Love birds should now rejoice as you are virtually next to no one else except your date.

With all these measures in place, stay calm and carry on with your favourite films playing in the cinemas.

What other social guidelines or precautionary measures would you also recommend making the cinema-going experience better and safer for everyone? Let us know in the comments below!
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