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Westworld S3 - New Stills And Videos To Feed Your Addiction While Waiting For Episode 2!

By Chen Shun  /  19 Mar 2020 (Thursday)

Image Credit: HBO Asia

After the premiere of the first episode of Westworld season 3, many fans have been waiting patiently for the second episode that is set to air on 23 March. Just for you, Westworld fanatics, HBO has graciously released a bunch of photos and videos to feed your addiction! 

Westworld Official Season 2 Recap

If you are a new fan or just need a quick recap of Westworld before diving into season 3, this video is perfect for you to know what happened in the previous season. 

Westworld S3 behind-the-scenes Featurette 

In this featurette, we can see cast and crew members discussing about the new series. It gives us an idea of how this completely different arc came about.

Get to know more about Evan Rachel Wood & Aaron Paul

In this clip, Evan Rachel Wood & Aaron Paul talk about their roles, Dolores Abernathy & Caleb Nichols. We get to know about how each actor perceives their character in their own light. It is also fun to see the actors interact and joke while having a serious conversation. We were also given some spoilers so watch till the very end!

Enjoy watching this video as Evan Rachel Wood & Aaron Paul plays Who Said It. I love how both actors really got into the game and that made it exhilarating for a viewer like me.

Cast Talks About Filming Experience In Singapore

“There is not another place in the world like it, you know…its uhh I’ve said it before but it's like taking a plane ride into the future.”
-Aaron Paul

Enough said. #singaporepride

Westworld S3 Ep2 Stills

Image Credit: HBO Asia

Season 3, Episode 2: “The Winter Line”
Synopsis: People put up a lot of walls.  Bring a sledgehammer to your life.

We were given some still images from the second episode that is about to air in four days time. Can you guess what will happen in the upcoming episode with just these images?

The Emmy® winning drama series Westworld continues its eight-episode third season same time as the U.S. on Monday, 23 March at 9 am exclusively on HBO GO and HBO, with a same-day encore at 10 pm on HBO.
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