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Catch a Free Movie (or 10!) on CATCHPLAY now!

By Rachelle  /  15 Apr 2020 (Wednesday)
Do you love watching movies but aren't ready to commit financially to any subscriptions? Well fret not because there's CATCHPLAY!

CATCHPLAY is one of Asia’s largest movie content service provider, boasting a wide variety of content from Hollywood studios including Walt Disney Studios, Warner Bros., NBC Universal and Paramount in addition to having a wide selection of international independent films.

Subscribers (or 'Movie Fans' as they call it) can browse CATCHPLAY's library of available movies and watch single rentals at SGD$3.5 or SGD$6 per movie, in a pay-as-go transaction. 

Or if you're really really into movies then you'd want to consider their Movie Lovers Plan which consists of unlimited watching from their vast library for only SGD$9.90/month!

But that's not why we're here.

Why should I sign up?
Movie Fan subscription is free. Yes, reader. You read that right. If you're not intrested to be a CATCHPLAY Movie Lover that'll cost you SGD$9.90 a month, then you can just be a CATCHPLAY Movie Fan for FREE.

What's more? Movie Fans can enjoy up to ten movies from the "FREE" section every month as well as the first episode of selected TV series. The free section library consists of movies of all genres ranging from action to comedy to drama as well as family-friendly movies.

What are you waiting for? Sign up here now!

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