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The Legal Rebel Is A New Documentary Launched By Not Safe For TV

By Chen Shun  /  17 May 2020 (Sunday)

Not Safe For TV (NSFTV) has recently shared their latest online micro-documentary The Legal Rebel. It features street artist Sam Lo (SKL0), commonly known as the "Sticker Lady" due to an arrest in 2012 for vandalism after she pasted stickers and spray-painted on public property. To date, the release has garnered over 350,000 views on our channels. 

The documentary provides an authentic and deeply personal take on Sam's growth since the incident. She tells the story of her experience under intense public scrutiny due to the viability of the charges. Their navigation between state-imposed restrictions and personal creative endeavours also functions as a microcosm of the broader street art landscape in Singapore. 

"If people were to think that I got to where I'm at because of what happened back then, they haven't seen what happened in the eight years ever since the arrest. And if anything, I know that I proved myself. Or, maybe I'm just constantly trying to be better every day."
-Sam Lo



"The Legal Rebel" is a micro-documentary featuring non- binary visual artist Sam Lo who was given the title of "Sticker Lady" after being arrested for an act of vandalism. The incident, which involved pasting stickers and spray-painting on public property, sparked a public debate over the viability of the charges.

The video paints a vulnerable outlook on the events of the arrest and its impact, from the perspective of the artist. Through their story, themes such as the influence of the media, public scrutiny, as well as the nature of street art in Singapore, are explored.

The Legal Rebel is part of “living in SIN” series created to showcase the darker and grittier side of calling Singapore home. Follow Not Safe For TV on their Instagram, Youtube and Facebook for more exciting content!
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