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Watch Nana and Park Sung-hoon in New Quirky Teaser for 'Memorials'

By Chen Shun  /  24 Jun 2020 (Wednesday)

is an upcoming office rom-com that focuses on a woman named Goo Se-ra (Nana) who gets herself involved with people's problems, files complaints, comes up with solutions and she eventually finds love at her local district office. Her love interest, Seo Gong-myung (Park Sung-hoon), is a civil servant who goes by the book.

In the teaser, we see Goo Se-ra talking to herself, 'A lottery for 50 million won.' As an unemployed 29-year-old, Se-ra can't stop dreaming about becoming a district representative. Ideas like, "District representative," "Average annual income: 43.1 million won," "Working 90 days a year," and "A blessed job, if I'm elected," float above her head.

In the later part of the teaser, Se-ra decides to run for office, startling Seo Gong-myung, who watches her. Seo Gong-myung still can't believe Goo Se-ra and asks her, 'You're not running for office for the 50 million won income, right?' Without missing a beat, Goo Se Ra replies, 'I am.' Seo Gong Myung stares at Goo Se Ra with confusion. In a voice-over, he asks, 'What on earth is this person doing?'

Find out more about it when Memorials premieres on July 1 at 9:30PM KST.
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