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Full cast of “When I Was Prettiest” has its first table read!

By Chen Shun  /  26 Jun 2020 (Friday)

The upcoming drama When I Was Prettiest held its first table read with the full cast in attendance! The forbidden romance drama series will be led by Im Soo-hyang, Ji Soo and Ha Seok-jin.

Im Soo-hyang will be playing Oh Ye-ji, a ceramic artist who dreams of having an ordinary life. Ji Soo plays Seo Hwan, an architectural designer who falls for Oh Ye-ji at first sight while Ha Seok-jin will be portraying Seo Jin, a rally driver who is unscrupulous to achieve his goals.

Other cast members include Hwang Seung-eon, Park Ji-young, Kim Mi-kyung, Choi Jong-hwan, Lee Jae-yong, Jung Eun-pyo, and Shin Yi.

A production staff stated:

The project got off to a good start with the perfect chemistry and positive energy at the cast and crew’s first script reading. The actors brightened the atmosphere with their perfect synchronisation. They managed to immerse themselves perfectly with the characters and impressed all the staff with their passionate acting. We plan to greet viewers with a truly great drama this summer, so please look forward to it.

When I Was Prettiest will premiere sometime in August or September.
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