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Watch Local Movies on Netflix this August!

By Rachelle  /  28 Jul 2020 (Tuesday)

In celebration of National Day, Netflix will be streaming a total of 106 nostalgic and classic Singaporean films and series!

From August 1 onwards, you can enjoy films such as the award-winning Ilo Ilo, I Not Stupid, Homerun, and Ah Boys to Men II, along with well-loved series like Phua Chu Kang Pte Ltd, Growing Up, and Bunga Tanjong.

Here's a list of what to expect:


Available from August 1

Ah Boys to Men II is the sequel to Jack Neo's successful comedy film about a group of army recruits in National Service, Ah Boys to Men. When Ken resumes mandatory service in his nation's army, his newfound attitude and dedication causes a riff with other soldiers.

After losing his sister's only pair of shoes, a boy must share his pair with her and soon joins a running race where the prize is a new pair of shoes.

Ilo Ilo
Leaving the Philippines to work in Singapore, Teresa is hired as a maid by a couple whose spoiled son delights in bullying and belittling her.

I Not Stupid follows three boys in Singapore, deemed lost causes by their teachers, embark on a grueling quest to improve their school grades in a cutthroat environment.

Also available: Bring Back The Dead, Singapore Dreaming, Old Cow Vs Tender Grass, King of Mahjong, Where Got Ghost, Meeting The Giant, Just Follow Law, Love Cuts, Love Matters, The Maid, It's A Great Great World, Perfect Rivals, The Best Bet, I Not Stupid Too, Dance Dance Dragon, The Wedding Diary, Ghost Child, The Ghost Must Be Crazy, 12 Lotus, I Do I Do, Rubbers, The Leap Years, Forever, Already Famous, Wanton Mee, Banting, 12 Storeys, Kallang Roar the Movie, 3 Peas in a Pod, Be With Me, Sayang Disayang, 881, Kidnapper, Gone Shopping, 18 Grams Of Love

Available from August 8

Best of Phua Chu Kang Pte Ltd follows a building contractor as he navigates the ups and downs of life and works with his eccentric family members and employees.

Set in 1960s Singapore, Bunga Tanjong is about a young woman who confronts misogyny and corruption when she takes work as a nightclub dancer after her gangster husband is imprisoned.

Growing Up in the 1960s, a stern father struggles to keep his family together as tumultuous changes threaten to tear them apart.

Also available: Sandcastle, My Magic, Mee Pok Man, Money No Enough, Money No Enough Too, Gurushetram - 24 Hours Of Anger, The Teenage Textbook Movie, Wok of Life (Removed), The Tree, Liang Po Po The Movie, In The Room, Two Boys And A Mermaid, Taxi Taxi, Ah Long Pte Ltd, The Songs We Sang, Tatsumi, The Truth About Jane and Sam, The Price of Peace, Teochew family, The Wedding Game, Vijayanthi, The Matchmaker's Match

Available from August 15

To Madam With Love
Santa The Happy Ghost
Best of Don't Worry Be Happy
Somewhere In Time
Spirit On Wheels

Available from August 30

The Noose is a comedy television series that satirises socio-cultural and political issues in Singapore as well as newsworthy local and regional incidents involving Singapore.

Under One Roof tells the story of a Chinese family, living in Bishan North, Singapore, headed by Tan Ah Teck-the owner of a mini-mart and his family-housewife Dolly and children Paul, Ronnie and Denise along with their neighbours, namely Daisy, a lady of Indian descent and her brother, Michael (played by Rajiv Dhawn) and the married Malay couple Rosnah and Yusof, all living in an apartment building.

Also available: The Unbeatables I, The Unbeatables II, Unbeatables III, Growing Up Season 2, Growing Up Season 3 ​

Available from September 15

Vettai S1
Best of Right Frequency
Immortal Love
Just In Singapore
Mystery I
Hainan Kopi Tales
Morning Express I
The Legend Ji Gong


Available from September 30

Aduh Bibikku Sr 1
Aduh Bibikku Sr 2
Return of the Condor Heroes, The Champion
Stepping Out, Vettai S2 
Morning Express II 
Mystery II 


Available from October 15

Vettai S3
The Legendary Swordsman
Legends of The Eight Immortals
The New Adventures Of Wisely
The Return of Royal Monk, The Guest People
The Royal Monk
The Golden Pillow ​


Available from October 30

The Witty Advisor
Wild Orchids
Vive La Famile
Zero to Hero
Tofu Street
Beautiful Connection

Be sure to check out Netflix come August!
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