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Jared Leto may have revealed something top secret about the latest Tron movie!

By Rachelle  /  12 Aug 2020 (Wednesday)

Tron 3 is officially in the works! The new film will be directed by Garth Davis, who made his feature directing debut with 2016’s biographical drama Lion. It will, however, not be a direct sequel to its predecessors 2010’s Tron: Legacy and 1982’s Tron, but chart its own path as a new installment in the franchise.

But that's not the biggest news Tron news we have. After the announcement of the film being in the works, star of the new installment, Jared Leto, took to Twitter to express his excitement over the role. He may have been a tad too excited because in his since-deleted tweet, he accidentally revealed the name of the film to be Tron: Ares!

Of course, people made sure to take screen shots of his blunder before he took his tweet down and replaced it with a more generic version. Here's what his initial tweet read:

Tron: Ares could just be a working title with possibilities of it being changed once the film is ready but it isn't all that much of a random title as there is little precedent to its validity. 

Leto was reportedly eying the lead character of Tron 3 all the way back in 2017. A lead character by the name of… Ares. If this is any indication, we may be seeing a lot of Ares in the future.
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