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Ryan Reynolds new movie 'Free Guy' gets a new trailer!

By Rachelle  /  06 Oct 2020 (Tuesday)

UPDATED: 20th Century Studios has dropped a new trailer for Free Guy, the sci-fi comedy starring Ryan Reynolds, currently slated for a December 10 release. But in these pandemic times, all release dates are basically pencilled in until further notice—which is why Reynolds and company also released an amusing teaser in which they debate potential alternate dates for the film's release.

Free Guy follows Ryan Reynolds' character, named Guy, finds an ally in Milly, aka Molotov Girl (Killing Eve's Jodie Comer), who is able to move in and out of the game at will. Meanwhile, game developer Antoine (Taika Waititi) has plans to shut the game down, against the objections of a programmer, Keys (Joe Keery, aka Steve Harrington on Stranger Things). Keys and Milly created the code that resulted in Guy becoming aware of his virtual environment.

Watch the trailer below:

Free Guy is set to open in cinemas on December 10.

PREVIOUS: There has been an uncountable amount of news on movie release dates getting pushed back and productions getting delayed that it's almost impossible to hear good news in this pandemic. Thankfully, the Free Guy cast got together to share some!

The cast and director of Ryan Reynolds' upcoming movie Free Guy banded together on Zoom to announce the drop of a new trailer for the movie. And in true Reynolds fashion, they teased the heck out of it by covering announcements for alternative release dates.

Is the movie coming out this Christmas? Or will it drop on New Year's? Perhaps even Valentine's or Labour Day? The possibilities are endless!

One thing's for sure though is that a trailer is definitely on its way! Check out the teaser below:

Free Guy is set to open in cinemas on December 10.
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