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If 'The Mandalorian' decides to recast Cara Dune, we have some suggestions.

By Rachelle  /  13 Feb 2021 (Saturday)

You've probably heard by now that Lucasfilm is officially cutting ties with Gina Carano, the actress who played Cara Dune in the Disney+ mega-hit series The Mandalorian

Carano was recently fired from the show following a series of controversial social media posts. This decision by the studio was reportedly a long time coming. Carano has a history of expressing noxious beliefs, including a slew of social media posts trafficking in explicit antisemitism, transphobia, sedition-stirring sentiment, and more. Safe to say, she will not be missed!

Unfortunately, her character Cara Dune is highly-beloved especially in a primarily male-dominated world like Star Wars. Dune stuck out as being a fierce warrior with an intriguing backstory and combat-oriented skills. Will a strong female character of her calibre simply be recast? Or will a new female warrior join the show in its third season, to ensure The Mandalorian remains inspiring and inclusive for all who watch and participate in the show?

Should Dune be recast, we hope Lucasfilm considers some of these badass actresses for the role:

1. Sofia Boutella

Boutella has proven time and time again that she's more than capable of taking on physically challenging roles. From kicking ass as an assassin in Kingsman: The Secret Circle to kicking more ass as another assassin in Hotel Artemis, we're sure Boutella can comfortably fit in the shoes Dune wears to kick ass in The Mandalorian.

2. Michelle Rodriguez

Rodriguez is no stranger to franchises what with the Fast & Furious name under her belt. Her tough chick persona might have caused her to be typecast in most of her work but we believe that's just what The Mandalorian needs in a Cara Dune replacement - a tough chick.

3. Lana Parrilla 

Parrilla is best known for her killer performance as the Evil Queen/Regina Mills in the fantasy drama series Once Upon A Time. Sure, we're throwing her in the ring because she bears a close resemblance to Gina Carano. Fans might not even catch the switch if they're watching for the plot and action sequences.

4. Gina Rodriguez

Swap Gina for a Gina? Why not. The Jane the Virgin star might not strike you as an obvious choice to play battle-hardened warrior Cara Dune but we know she's got the acting chops and range for it, so why not give her a try?

5. Dani Fernandez

Fernandez's name might be the least familiar in this list but the multi-hyphenated talent has had works published on just about every popular nerd channel such as Nerdist, Geek & Sundry, and Screen Junkies as well as Broadway Video’s Más Mejor. She has taken on roles as panelist and moderator at San Diego Comic Con, WonderCon, and Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con. She also writes and performs at The Comedy Store’s Roast Battle, Meltdown’s The Historical and Fictional Roasts and more! She's a hustler for sure and now, Fernandez herself has graciously thrown her name in the ring! We don't know how serious she is about it but we love some good hustling so we hope the people at Lucasfilm sees this for their consideration.

6. Lucy Lawless

It's hard not to make a list of badass actresses without mentioning the OG Badass, Lucy Lawless. It might be decades since she last wielded her sword as Xena in Xena: Warrior Princess but that doesn't mean she has to hang up her skills for playing a heroic warrior just yet. Lawless can continue to inspire a new generation of young girls should she be handed the role of Dune.

Replacement, recast or written off, we hope Lucasfilm's decision does justice to both the show and its fans. Don't agree with us? Let us know in the comment section below.

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