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5 Must-Watch Crime Drama Series and Where to Watch Them

By Sarene  /  31 May 2021 (Monday)

Crime shows let us get a hearty adrenaline rush in the comfort of our own home. Adrenaline is something that we seek out on a daily basis, whether it be through playing a sport, or seeking out a crime thriller. Like a roller coaster, crime series let us feel a simulated fear that we know poses no real threat, giving us a “good stress” known as eustress. The effects of an adrenaline rush push us into a state of biological overdrive, which can feel exciting in small doses.

Here are some of the best crime drama series you can stream right now:


The Wire (2002 – 2008)

Set in Baltimore, The Wire centers around the city's inner-city drug scene. It starts as mid-level drug dealer, D'Angelo Barksdale beats a murder rap. After a conversation with a judge, Det. James McNulty has been assigned to lead a joint homicide and narcotics team, in order to bring down drug kingpin Avon Barksdale. The series stars Dominic West, Idris Elba, John Doman, Frankie Faison, Larry Gilliard Jr and more.

This series offers the most realistic depiction of America's inner-city subculture ever seen. ... Some of The Wire is real, but not in the ways you might expect.

Where to watch: HBO GO


Wentworth (2013 – present)

Wentworth is set in modern-day Australia. It explores the life of Bea Smith when she first enters prison after being charged with the attempted murder of her husband. Bea is separated from her daughter and sent to Wentworth on remand, where she lives in "an uncertain limbo" until she is sentenced. The series stars Kate Atkinson, Robbie J. Magasiva, Katrina Milosevic, Pamela Rabe and more. 

A gritty drama and mystery series rolled into one. Wentworth is edge-of-your-seat television in its purest form. Each episode is infused with its own sense of purpose.

Where to watch: Netflix


The Sopranos (1999 – 2007)

The Sopranos revolves around Tony Soprano, a New Jersey-based Italian-American mobster, portraying the difficulties that he faces as he tries to balance his family life with his role as the leader of a criminal organization. It stars the late James Gandolfini as the series' protagonist, with Edie Falco, Michael Imperioli, Steven van Zandt, Tony Sirico, Robert Iler, Jamie-Lynn Siegler and more in supporting roles.

The Sopranos makes you feel like one of them, one of Tony’s mob. You know deep inside that the problems faced by Tony and his mob are problems we face, maybe without the bloodshed.

Where to watch: HBO GO


How To Get Away With Murder (2014 – 2020)

A group of ambitious law students and their brilliant criminal defense professor become involved in a twisted murder plot that promises to change the course of their lives. A sexy, suspense-driven legal thriller about a group of ambitious law students and their brilliant, mysterious criminal defense professor. Starring Emmy Award winner Viola Davis, Alfred Enoch, Jack Falahee, Aja Naomi King, Matt McGorry, Karla Souza, Charlie Weber, Liza Weil and more.

How to Get Away with Murder  delivers thrills with melodramatic twists and a captivating lead.

Where to watch: Netflix


Godfather of Harlem (2014 – 2020)

Godfather of Harlem reimagines the story of infamous crime boss Bumpy Johnson, who in the early 1960s returned from a decade in prison to find the neighborhood he once rules in shambles. It stars Academy Award winner Forest Whitaker as Bumpy with Luis Guzman, Vincent D'Onofrio, Nigel Thatch, Ilfenesh Hadera, Rafi Gavron, Giancarlo Esposito and more.

As sharply dressed as it is smartly written, Godfather of Harlem walks familiar blocks to its own beat and makes a strong first impression.

Where to watch: Disney+

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