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There's an 'Escape Room'-inspired Instagram game users can interact with!

By Rachelle  /  01 Sep 2021 (Wednesday)

Instagram has been the go-to platform for social media users to share videos and photos with their families, friends, and followers. Over the years, content on the platform has evolved.

Users have gotten more creative with their content to drive engagement from the public. You've seen polls, you've seen quizzes. Now, feast your eyes on an Instagram game that users can freely interact with on the platform! Yes, you read that right. A game.

Inspired by the psychological horror film Escape Room (2019) and its original source, the Instagram game features a derelict "room" riddled with hidden clues and messages for users to peruse.

According to the bio, there are 6 hidden letters for users to find. Users need only find the letters and decode the secret word to succeed. Pro tip: Save the posts you think have a hidden letter so you don't lose them!
Can you escape the room? Visit @escaperoomtocsg and play the game to find out!

There may be a hidden clue in here..

Escape Room 2: Tournament of Champions opens in cinemas 16 Sep.

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