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Disney has announced the sequel of 'Jungle Cruise' is returning with Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt!

By Shafiyqah  /  31 Aug 2021 (Tuesday)

According to The Hollywood Reporter, following the success of Jungle Cruise, which grossed over $100 million in the United States, Disney has revealed that a sequel will be made starring Dwayne Johnson (Frank Wolff) and Emily Blunt (Dr. Lily Houghton), with Michael Green, who co-wrote the hit, returning as well!

Producers John Davis, John Fox, Beau Flynn, Dany Garcia, and Hiram Garcia are expected to return for the sequel, as is director Jaume-Collet Serra.Β Scott Sheldon, the executive producer, is also expected to return.

According to Disney, the film grossed more than $35 million in its first week in the United States and $30 million via Disney+ Premier Access. The current epidemic had little effect on the film's success, as it remained at the top of the box office. The film's domestic box office is currently at $100.1 million, with an aggregate foreign box office of $187 million.

Actor Dwayne Johnson confirmed and expressed his excitement for the upcoming sequel via his official twitter profile:
Lily Houghton's on-screen brother, MacGregor, Jack Whitehall also confirmed this news:

The sequel is expected to take place between the first and second World Wars, according to supporters. Lily returned to London in the first film, but with few jungles, it seems doubtful that the sequel will be set there.

As they team up for the next film about real-life figure Kate Warne, the first female detective at the Pinkerton Agency, it appears like the two main characters will be spending a lot of time together. Blunt and Johnson's latest projects aside from Jungle Cruise were "A Quiet Place II" andΒ  "Fast and Furious 9" respectively. The films are sighted to have made a lot of value at the box office, with "Fast and Furious 9" raking in more value due to the franchise's long history.

On Rotten Tomatoes, 92 percent of reviewers gave "Jungle Cruise" a one-star rating, with an A- grade form score. The film was based off of an Disneyland exquisite attractions, with one of its original ride when Disneyland first launched in 1955!

Are you psyched for the sequel? Stay tuned for more coverage!
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