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Unvaccinated Cinema Halls are Out, Vaccinated-Only Cinema Halls are IN!

By Rachelle  /  15 Oct 2021 (Friday)

Local cinema chains have removed the option of unvaccinated halls.


Unvaccinated patrons are unable to watch movies in cinemas.


Effective 13 October onwards.


In line with the new Vaccination-Differentiated Safe Management measures (VDS), individuals who are unvaccinated are no longer allowed into malls, attractions, hawker centers, and coffee shops across Singapore.


Fully-Vaccinated Halls are open to the following:
  • Fully-vaccinated individuals who have completed 14 days after their second dose
  • Children aged 12 years and below from the same household


To prove an individual is fully-vaxxed, patrons will be asked to show proof of their vaccination status before being permitted entry (via the TraceTogether/HealthHub app).

For more info, visit the websites to your favourite local cinemas here: Carnival Cinemas, Cathay Cineplexes, EagleWings Cinematics, Filmgarde CineplexesThe Projector, Shaw TheatresWE Cinemas.

Remember: It should also go without saying that all movie-goers are advised to keep their masks on at all times, except for when eating or drinking. 

Let's all do our part in making the cinematic experience a safe one for all to enjoy!

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