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Hollywood Movie Distributors are reminding Singaporeans to 'LOVE CINEMA'!

By InCinemas  /  10 Jun 2022 (Friday)

It's time to revive the magic that awaits you at the cinema!

COVID-19 has completely disrupted and altered every single person’s life. The cinema industry, without exception, has struggled immensely in the past few years. The pandemic has impacted our lives significantly psychologically, socially and economically with most of us cooped up at home, be it working from home, home-based learning, or for leisure and fitness activities.
Singaporeans have over the last two years, forgotten the magical active experience of enjoying movies in the cinemas; how a movie truly comes to life on the big screen, and the fun experience of going to the cinema. Moreover, the thrill of being surrounded by other people collectively moved in the same way as us, heightens the intensity of our emotional journeys as we watch the movies, putting smiles on our faces, and tears in our eyes.
As our economy begins to open up and our lives slowly resume back to some normality, in June 2022 for the first time ever, the Motion Picture Distributors Association (MPDA), consisting of the four Hollywood major distributors (The Walt Disney Studios, Sony Pictures Releasing International, United International Pictures, and Warner Bros. Pictures) are coming together to launch a marketing and publicity campaign – LOVE CINEMA – to re-light the fire and remind everyone the magic of movies in the cinemas, to restore and create important memories for everyone.
In early June, the campaign will see many social influencers, including Trevor Tham (Trevmonki), Jeremiah Chen (Tropic Monsters), Tay Kexin, Ripple Sim, Kenneth Lee and Mark Kinoshita, coming on board to share their personal stories and memories at the cinemas.
Many media owners in Singapore will also be throwing their weight behind, bringing awareness of this campaign to the masses through traditional and digital Out-Of-Home spaces, In-Cinema advertisements, as well as online digital advertisements, further reiterating the #lovecinemaSG message from the social campaign.

Ms. Irene Tay from the MPDA shared why this campaign is so special:

This campaign is only possible with so many parties coming together to contribute in any way that they can, and goes to show that the movie-going experience at the cinemas at its core is very meaningful to many, being an integral part of our culture and lives. Thus, it’s timely for us to now remind the audience of its significance and power to our society.

The LOVE CINEMA Campaign is further backed by us, who will be powering the campaign website www.lovecinemaSG.com. From here, visitors to the site will be directed to any movie session time currently available at the cinemas, the latest promotions coming out of this campaign both within the cinemas as well as from the campaign partners.

An impressive lineup of movies in the coming months will be gracing the big screens. Some of these include:
26 May 2022     Top Gun: Maverick (United International Pictures)
8 Jun 2022        Jurassic World: Dominion (United International Pictures)
23 Jun 2022      Elvis (Warner Bros. Pictures)
30 Jun 2022      Minions: The Rise Of Gru (United International Pictures)
7 Jul 2022         Marvel Studios’ Thor: Love And Thunder (The Walt Disney Studios)
4 Aug 2022        Bullet Train (Sony Pictures Releasing International)
20 Oct 2022      Black Adam (Warner Bros. Pictures)
15 Dec 2022     Avatar: The Way of Water (The Walt Disney Studios)

Coupled with that, the campaign roadmap will see local cinema operators and partners offer innumerous value-for-money offers ranging from rewarding bundled deals, to exciting movie-themed experiences to elevate the movie-going experiences for local residents in the coming months. These promotions will be announced at a later date through the Campaign website and other relevant channels.

About the Motion Picture Distributors Association
The Motion Picture Distributors Association is the trade body for theatrical film distributors in Singapore – the companies that acquire, market and release films for Singaporean cinema audiences. The MPDA represents the interests of its members on all matters affecting film distribution in Singapore in order to advance the cinema industry. 

We'll see you back at the cinema!

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