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Fairytales: A Journey of Choices and Redemption

By InCinemas  /  06 Dec 2011 (Tuesday)
[Meet Fairytales Director on 18 Dec! More details below!]
Life is filled with choices! Whether plenty or limited, we have a choice in deciding what we wish to do at the given circumstances. This December 2011, let us venture to a journey of choices and redemption in the movie FAIRYTALES 童话, directed by Kelvin Sng.

Starring Royston Ong, Siona Wu Murphy, Yogendra Santhiran, Maia Lee, Leena Salim, Chen Shucheng, FAIRYTALES tells of 3 teenagers facing typical challenges of growing up in Singapore. Get an idea in its movie trailer. You can find full synopsis of the movie below!

[Fairytales 童话 Official Movie Trailer]

[FAIRYTALES DVD available in major stores!]
Fairytales 童话 DVD is out in all major video stores such as Popular CD-RAMA, Gramophone, HMV, Kinokuniya, Poh Kim Video and TS Laser. Its DVD comes with many extra features like:

1) Trailer
2) Behind the Scenes
3) Music Video
4) Highlights of Gala Premiere
5) Director’s Statement
6) Photo Gallery
7) Director’s commentary

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[Meet Fairytales Director, Kelvin Sng and main cast]
In conjunction with its DVD promotion, the FAIRYTALES director Kelvin Sng and main cast Royston Ong, Siona Wu Murphy and Yogendra Santhiran will meet and interact with the public on 18 December at Library@esplanade Open Stage at 2:30pm! Get your copies of Fairytales DVD for his autograph and bring your questions along on 18 December! Kelvin Sng will be delighted to share some of his experience on this movie!

Fairytales DVD Autograph Session
Date: 18 December 2011, Sunday
Time: 2:30pm - 3:30pm
Venue: Library@esplanade Open Stage

FAIRYTALES Movie Details
Director: Kelvin Sng
Cast: Royston Ong, Siona Wu Murphy, Yogendra Santhiran, Maia Lee, Leena Salim, Chen Shucheng

Singapore, a country which has achieved tremendous wonders and successes that many other countries can only dream of, is regarded by many as a fairytale land. It boasts world-class accomplishments in every field that it embarks on, and its people enjoy the privilege of living in a First World city built by its visionary and hardworking leaders. With housing, employment, education, healthcare and transportation all well taken care of, Singapore seems like the perfect place to raise children.

But every accomplishment comes with a price. Growing up in such a fairytale land, what have many of our children become?

Jason, Amanda and Guna are three teenagers studying in the same school. On the surface, they are just like any other teenager out there, facing typical challenges of growing up. However, beneath this façade lie rooted issues that have grown too deep for them to handle, causing them to become disillusioned by making choices that lead to disastrous consequences.

Nonetheless, the trio soon discovers that no matter how many wrong choices they have made in the past, it is never too late to choose again.

[Additional Note]
Fairytales 童话 is exclusively distributed by InnoForm Media Singapore on DVD.

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