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The Projector Celebrates is 9th Anniversary with Special Screenings

By InCinemas  /  03 Jan 2024 (Wednesday)

Nine years ago, The Projector had a dream to be the havoc indie cinema they always knew Singapore needed, catering to a movie-going audience that’s looking for something beyond mainstream Hollywood fare.

Today, they’re not just an indie cinema, but also the nexus for diverse creative communities – and a staunch supporter of progressive causes in Singapore! What’s more, they now have a spanking new home in Cineleisure, on top of their original base camp in Golden Mile Tower.

To celebrate their 9th Anniversary, The Projector is bringing back three of their longest-running and top-grossing titles – milestones on a crazy journey that will hopefully take them to even more exhilarating and unexpected places.

Here's what you can look out for:

Parasite (2019)

Ki-taek's family of four is close, but fully unemployed, with a bleak future ahead of them. The son Ki-woo is recommended by his friend, a student at a prestigious university, for a well-paid tutoring job. Carrying the expectations of all his family, Ki-woo heads to the Park family home for an interview. But following this first meeting between the two families, an unstoppable string of mishaps lies in wait.

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Taxi Tehran (2015)

For an exceptionally lithe, inventive 80 minutes, banned Iranian filmmaker Jafar Panahi himself drives a taxi through the busy streets of Tehran, picking up various passengers who serve as conduits for a provocative discussion of Iranian social mores and the art of cinematic storytelling.

Taxi Tehran has won multiple awards, including the Golden Berlin Bear at the 2015 Berlin International Film Festival.

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Tiong Bahru Social Club (2020)

Set against the backdrop of charming Tiong Bahru, and the former Pearl Bank apartments, follow Ah Bee (Thomas Pang) on his comedic odyssey as a Happiness Agent with the Tiong Bahru Social Club - a pilot project using data to build the happiest neighbourhood in the world in an ageing Singaporean district.

Director Tan Bee Thiam’s offbeat satirical comedy takes a whimsical and soft sci-fi approach to poke fun at Singapore’s preoccupation with results-driven practicalities and questions the construct of happiness in Singapore.

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