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Writer-producer Kelvin Tong and director Kat Goh talks about DANCE DANCE DRAGON!

By InCinemas  /  20 Jan 2012 (Friday)

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Singapore filmmaker Kelvin Tong, who made his feature debut with Eating Air (1999), and went on to direct hit films such as The Maid (2005) and Rule Number One (2008), has decided to temporary fold his director's chair, while he seeks inspiration from new material that he could then make into a feature. 

[Image of a free-and-easy Kelvin Tong during the press conference]

Meanwhile, Tong has been involved in this year's local "Chinese New Year" movie, Dance Dance Dragon, as co-writer and producer. InCinemas caught up with him during the film's press conference on Tuesday afternoon to talk about the film!

The filmmakers co-partnered with Raintree Pictures, hence there was access to a wide variety of Mediacorp artistes. "For Chinese New Year films, people go to the cinemas to see something familiar, to laugh, that's why we get to see an all-star ensemble", said Tong. "Some people may want to see Kym (Ng), Adrian (Pang), or Dennis (Chew)."

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When asked whether he picked Kat Goh, the director of Dance Dance Dragon, Tong replied that she worked as an assistant director for him before, and was easily the most established assistant director working in the local filmmaking scene. "I always thought that it is high time for her to make a feature film herself", Tong said. 

Tong also revealed that he hoped Singaporeans would make the Singapore box-office their own with the two local Chinese New Year films. "I hope Jack Neo's We Not Naughty does well and breaks even. I hope that we do well and also break even, so that there is encouragement for the Singapore film industry."

[Image of director Kat Goh talking to journalists about her debut feature]

Director Goh also took some time to talk to us, and told us that because Dance Dance Dragon was her first feature film, there would be less pressure for her on the box office. "I have no personal target, but my boss is aiming for $2 million in the box office," she said.

But it wasn't all that easy for Kat to complete the $1.2million production in just 16 days. Kat told us that she was very stressed initially because of the tight schedule. "But when filming begins, I would just focus on what I have to do each day and deliver what I had been doing for the past years." said the director.

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And Kelvin Tong gave her an 'A' for the task. "She's easily a 7.5 or 8. It was tough for her, especially if you've a baby to handle. And this baby appears in a lot of scenes. I would give all the credits to Kat!"

True enough, there were a lot of scenes with the baby involved. In most movies, scenes that deals with baby usually requires some special effects to. But not for Dance Dance Dragon which explains why nearly all the cast are calling Nigel the 'Magic Baby'.

In one particular scene, the baby is to grab the fingers of the bandits and Kat shares with us how she had 'directed' the baby. "We played finger games with Nigel for about half an hour before the shoot so that whenever a finger comes to him, he would just grab it naturallly." Kat recalled with a smile.

Kat also notes the positive reception towards the movie's trailer and TV spots partly came from the baby as well. "The baby is quite a huge draw in the movie. A lot of my friends saw the trailer, and the baby makes them want to watch the movie, especially the pregnant women."

And following Y.E.S.93.3FM on its Official Facebook Page, there's a post of Dennis Chew and the baby Nigel which has gathered almost 1,000 likes in about 4 hours! Of course, got to special mention Dennis Chew who plays the all-time favourite Auntie Lucy and Mahendra, who is supposedly Auntie Lucy's ex-boyfriend. The story unfolds a little background on Auntie Lucy and now we know she's the eldest, with 2 siblings played by Kym Ng and Melvin Sia.

Playing Auntie Lucy in Dance Dance Dragon isn't all that simple because in the movie, she's a trained dancer who knows Salsa, Cha-cha etc. And Dennis has got to work on the dance moves to convince the audience. "And to enhance Auntie Lucy's figure, I wore a corset even when dancing on the stage." said Dennis Chew who had disguise himself as Mahendra during the press conference.

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Coming back to Dance Dance Dragon, here's what director Kat Goh has to say. "This is one happy movie. I've tested on my mum and she really enjoyed it as it has everything she likes. Dance Dance Dragon will appeal to the older audience and is easily one of the movies the entire family can enjoy during the Chinese New Year!" Kat feels that this is a good period where the entire family would choose to go watch movies together. "They'll probably be watching 2 and I'm hoping that both will be local films."

Have a good laugh and enjoy the movie during Chinese New Year.

Dance Dance Dragon is now showing InCinemas. It is rated PG. Do catch it in a theater near you!

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Here's a Hokkien CNY song featuring Marcus Chin, Kym Ng and Auntie Lucy! Enjoy~!

[Dance Dance Dragon Hokkien Song (Long Zhong Wu)]
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