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Ah Niu proposes to Elanne Kwong on stage at Jurong Point!

By InCinemas  /  09 Feb 2012 (Thursday)
"Will you marry me?"

These are the words that came out from Ah Niu as he half kneeled in front of the mesmerizing Hong Kong actress Elanne Kwong at Jurong Point, Centre Stage. And her response?

"Yes I Do!"

These are actually part of the song lyrics from the movie theme song of The Wedding Diary! But the pair are not abashed to hide their sweet and kiddy behaviour away from the crowd at Jurong Point. "That is exactly how they behave during the set," said the director Adrian Teh and the rest of the cast nodded in agreement.

During their performance, Elanne and Ah Niu held each other's hands, danced to the tune of the couple song and even addressed each other intimately as 'BB' (Baby in short)! It was a spectacular performance that says everything about their chemistry, and their sweet and cheerful presentation simply makes one look forward to their performance in The Wedding Diary!

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And right here at InCinemas, we're glad to present you their duet performance at Jurong Point, Centre Stage! Do feel free to share your thoughts and comments on our Youtube or Facebook!

Song Title:Will You Marry Me

Performed by:Ah Niu (阿牛) & Elanne Kwong (江若琳)
Written by:Lee Chi Ching (李志清)
Composed by:Ah Niu (阿牛)

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Apparently, Elanne Kwong had a really memorable time during the filming of The Wedding Diary. She told the crowd at Jurong Point that she cried during the last day of shoot and that she really misses everyone whom she had worked with.

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Other than sharing more about The Wedding Diary during this Meet-&-greet at Jurong Point, the director and cast also paired up and play a simple game with the public. Divided into 3 teams, each team was to come out with appropriate words of blessings one would wish to the newly weds in a wedding dinner. The team which came out with the most will win!

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It was most entertaining for the crowd at Jurong Point as we watched the artistes explaining their selection of blessings. Most were the pretty standard "天长地久 (long lasting love),白头偕老 (grow till old together),早生贵子 (giving birth to a child)" until they have got to push their brain juice further to gain the extra points. There was also a debate on blessings like "恩恩爱爱 (Good loving relationship)" between the participants and the judge who was also the emcee, Junwei.

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The most hilarious moment was the one where Ah Niu attempted to wriggle his way out using "财源广进 (growth of wealth)". He argues that it should be accepted as a wedding blessing because the couple would need it after spending much on their wedding dinner and preparation. But of course, it's not accepted and eventually, the team with renown Hong Kong movie star Kara Hui won with the best and most wedding blessings!

THE WEDDING DIARY is rated PG (Some Sexual References) and opens InCinemas today 9 February 2012!
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