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Kai Ko 柯震东, The Apple In The Eyes Of His Fans In Singapore!

By InCinemas  /  13 Feb 2012 (Monday)

'Ke Zhen Dong (柯震东), You Are The Apple Of My Eye~!' the fans shouted in unison to the Taiwanese singer who has shot to fame in his first movie role in the critically acclaimed movie, You Are The Apple Of My Eye, directed by Giddens Ko.

Kai Ko (柯震东 - Ke Zhen Dong) took the place by storm as he made his appearance at Bugis Junction, Bugis Square level 1, yesterday evening (12 Feb, Sunday) for his first album 'Be Yourself' Singing-&-Autograph session!

  • [Brief Note: Notice in the picture above, there's a yellow board with chinese text '我想当你的沈佳宜'. In the movie, Ke Zhen Dong plays Ko Teng who is deeply in love with Shen Chia-yi 沈佳宜 (played by Michelle Chen). The message is obvious!] 

This marks Kai's first ever visit to Singapore and as he just arrived in Singapore on Sunday morning, the emcee, Nico Chua, also Deejay from YES 93.3FM, suggested that the fans recommend Kai some of the local dishes. Almost at once, all the popular names of the Must-Try delicacies burst out to the stage. Chilli Crab! Laksa! Satay! Hainanese Chicken Rice! Rojak! The 21 year-old listened intently and even mouthed out some of the unfamiliar names he could catch. "Yes, I'll try out them out tomorrow." Kai said to his fans. 

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The majority of the fans are from China, followed by Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong when the emcee conducted a quick check before Kai Ko's arrival. There might have been more Singaporeans but they are probably too shy to raise up their hands! Nevertheless, judging by the huge turnout, there's no doubt that the fans in Singapore loves Kai Ko!

"Yaya Papaya?"

Kai Ko attempts to pronounce this phrase correctly during the interaction with a few lucky fans, all of whom had gotten this privilege from YES 93.3FM. Each of the 5 fans is able to ask Ke Zhen Dong a question. And the first question asked by the fan-girl took everyone by surprise! She asked if Ke Zhen Dong would like to go to a night club with her. "If Ke Zhen Dong agrees to go with you, you'll become Yaya Papaya already," the emcee joked and explained its meaning to Kai. "It means that she'll become arrogant if you agree to her request!" 

Kai Ko is good and thoughtful in his reply. He asked if all the fans will be going and if so, he'll give it a consideration. And all the Kai Ko fans cheered in joy!

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The few lucky YES 93.3FM listeners who had got the opportunity to be on stage with Kai had asked for hugs and got their wishes granted. Kai shows no qualms even when hugging a fan boy. He also didn't mind to give a hug to the emcee who joked that she would like to have one too. Fans below shrieked in envy when watching their idol giving friendly hugs to the people on stage.

They can only drool in a distance away and wonder why they didn't listen closely to YES 93.3FM earlier.. Not so much of a pity, all those who had purchased the 'Be Yourself' album got to go up the stage to receive Kai's autograph personally and a memorable handshake and eye contact with the Taiwanese actor/singer.

One Kai supporter asked Kai what is the most memorable thing a fan has done for him that had left him a deep impression. And Kai thought for a moment and made mention of the Singaporean fan who had begun queuing since 6am in the morning. Noticing that all the eyes are on her, the avid fan quickly shy away, cover herself.

(Kai Ko 柯震东 topped our InCinemas Poll for Most Popular Choice for a Valentine's Date!)

Throughout the event, the young singer made efforts to listen to his fans who are trying to gain his attention, even as cameras flash frequently at him. If someone shouts out a question or say something to him, he'll direct his focus to where the sound is coming front and respond as accordingly. 

"You are very handsome!"

Even if it's a simple compliment, Kai Ko would also respond a 'thank you' towards the direction where the comments were made. As such, there's a sense of closeness that can be felt between the fans and the artiste, when Kai scans left and right every now and then while engaging in a conversation with Nico.

Just call out and wave at your idol, and you'll be reciprocrated with a smile or a pose for you to capture with your cameras. During the autograph session, a fan shouted 'I love you' and Kai actually looked up and responded 'I love you too!', creating another 'n'th wave of excitement.

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Most major upheavals occurred during Kai Ko's singing performance. The crowd literally went wild when Kai stepped down the stage to get closer with his fans. Everyone's all excited to get a handshake or a closer look at the Taiwanese singer. While singing, Kai also gave out some special souvenirs of what seemed to be autographed post-cards.

After he had done so and proceeded up to the stage, InCinemas noticed that he made an expression to his manager as though asking if there's more to be given away. Most unfortunately, it appeared quite limited and he only gets to do so when he performed his second song and this time, Kai tried to threw the cards out to his supporters at the back.

We'll also be putting up a short clip of the event later tonight on our InCinemas youtube channel.

During the 'Be Yourself' Singing-&-Autograph Session, Kai performed 2 songs live on stage. The first song is titled the same as the album '有話直說', while the second is '請比我愛她'.

Kai Ko admits that he didn't expect himself to start an album but is really glad to have the opportunity to do so because he enjoys singing very much. He also mentioned that he likes '請比我愛她' as the song has the feel and special meaning when you've been in a relationship before.

[Image: Kai Ko listening intently to a fan explaining the card she just gave to Kai.]

The staffs surrounding Kai Ko strictly allows only one autograph per album and only on its front cover. Hence, those fans who had requested to have their names written by Kai or having their signatures elsewhere would find themselves getting disappointed. 

Even though getting rejected by the staff, Kai maintained eye contact and made a slight bow and a apologetic gesture. So in the midst of the slight disappointment, they'll get to know that Kai quite a sincere person to be with.

Occasionally, there were fans who struck palms with the Taiwanese singer while others offering their gifts and message to their idols. The autograph session lasted over an hour and the event ended at about 9:20pm when Kai finished signing every single album brought to him.

Kai Ko will be spending his Valentine's Day with his fans in Singapore!

(InCinemas Blog: This Valentine, InCinemas wants you to '有话直说'! - 10 Feb 2012)

According to reliable sources, there are only 150 copies of the repackaged Singapore version of 'Be Yourself' and InCinemas noticed that all has been sold out before 6pm yesterday! One can simply produce the Singapore version of 'Be Yourself' and to gain admission to the Fan Meet tomorrow on Valentine's Day.

The Singapore version of 'Be Yourself' has a DVD with 4 MVs and a 2012 Kai Ko Calendar in addition to the 10 sound tracks in 'Be Yourself' Album. 


01 – 请让我继续喜欢你 (You Are The Apple Of My Eye)

02 – 请比我爱她 (Can’t Get Her Back)

03 – 有话直说 (Be YourSelf)

04 – 爱你戒不掉 (Let Me Love You Again)

05 – 爱就爱 (Love Battle)

06 – 漂流瓶 – 柯震东陈妍希 (Message in a bottle)

07 – 左右 (Be there for you)

08 – 封锁你 (Moving on without you)

09 – Be My Baby

10 – 百式之零 (Manga Heros)

[Image: Hordes of fans lining up to get a closer look at Kai Ko and receive his personal autograph on 'Be Yourself' Albums.]

Photos Credit: Flora Yeo and Jia Yi
InCinemas thanks Sony Music for the opportunity to cover this event.
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