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Catch MADAM BUTTERFLY 3D at The Cathay Cineplex with your family and friends!

By InCinemas  /  21 Mar 2012 (Wednesday)

Source: Cathay Cineplexes

Movie-goers can look forward to a wider selection of movie offerings in 2012. Cathay Cineplexes is setting itself apart from the competition with its offerings of alternative film genres. 

Last year, the established cinema chain received an encouraging response with its screenings of Carmen in 3D, the world’s first 3D opera, Japanese idol group, AKB48’s 24th Single – Janken Tournament, as well as family-centric titles which include Thomas & Friends: Misty Island Rescue, and Barney: Big World Adventure the Movie

In 2012, movie-goers can look forward to more of such alternative movie titles such as Madam Butterfly 3D, Thomas and Friends: Days of the Diesel, Barney & Friends etc.

[Film still from Madam Butterfly 3D]

Leading the pack in the screenings of alternative movie titles is Madam Butterfly 3D. A widely acclaimed and wildly popular musical by Puccini on love, sacrifice and betrayal, the film is a co-production by RealD and London’s Royal Opera House, the same masterminds behind Carmen in 3D

(Check out the official website for Madam Butterfly 3D here!)

Directed for the stage by acclaimed directors Moshe Leiser and Patrice Caurier, and beautifully filmed in 3D by film director Julian Napier, the production features a supremely talented cast, superbly performing the gripping drama to Puccini’s haunting score. The 130-minute feature will be shown exclusively at The Cathay Cineplex from 18 April to 28 April and patrons are entitled to a 20 per cent discount on the S$25 ticket price when they purchase with specific credit cards.

[Film still from Madam Butterfly 3D]


“The preferences of local audience have evolved with time, and they are now hoping for a more all-encompassing selection of movie titles at the cinemas. With the demographics of our movie-goers ranging from youth to young families to working professionals, we seek to bring to the table far-reaching movie titles that entertain and delight,” said Suhaimi Rafdi, Cathay Organisation's Chief Executive Officer.

For more information and release dates of these alternative movie titles, please visit www.cathaycineplexes.com.sg

Madam Butterfly 3D opens at The Cathay Cineplex on 18 April 2012. Rating to be advised.

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