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Catch more 'Titanic' programmes on Starhub's History Channel this Sunday, 15 April!

By InCinemas  /  13 Apr 2012 (Friday)

Source & Photos Credit: History Channel (StarHub TV Ch 401)

*All photos are stills from 'Titanic: Mystery Solved'.

As the 100th anniversary of Titanic’s sinking approaches, History will be premiering Titanic 100th Anniversary specials with three highlights to commemorate the fatal day. 

In 2010, History joined the world’s top underwater experts in this most recent expedition to the wreck site, one that completed the most thorough and exhaustive study of the wreck ever made. The undertaking, which included the leadership participation of RMS Titanic, Inc., the salvor in possession of the wreck site, yielded unprecedented new discoveries and the first comprehensive map of Titanic’s watery grave – the entire fifteen square-mile patch of ocean floor where Titanic came to rest – helping to solve the century-old puzzle of what went wrong and to determine who or what was responsible.  

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'Titanic: Mystery Solved' tells the exclusive story of this expedition. In addition to the mapping of the entire site, the special will also reveal for the first time the complete picture of the breakup and sinking by use of a virtual hangar. Applying the techniques of a space shuttle or aircraft accident investigation (mapping the site and reassembling the pieces in a hangar), the team of experts will create a virtual holographic reconstruction of the wreck site in a hangar. No other anniversary show has the exclusive story of this unique expedition and its startling revelations. 

While other anniversary programs tout best-guess theories and land-based speculation, 'Titanic: Mystery Solved' presents new findings based on real-world hard evidence gathered on-site to deconstruct the disaster and show exactly how the ship broke apart. From this analysis, we’ll find out who or what was at fault and who or what has been blamed unfairly.

Highlighted Programme: 'Titanic: Mystery Solved' will premiere Sunday, 15 April at 8PM on History (StarHub TV Ch 401).

[Synopsis] To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic in April 2012, History seeks to answer these questions once and for all. In a major, exclusive underwater expedition, History partners with Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute and RMS Titanic, Inc. to conduct the most extensive exploration and imaging of Titanic's wreck site ever undertaken. CGI will illustrate what happened structurally to the ship, minute by minute, after the collision with the iceberg.

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Other Programme: 'Nazi Titanic' on Sunday, 15 April at 10PM on History (StarHub TV Ch 401).

[Synopsis] During a bizarre chapter of WWII, Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels decided to make an obsessive movie based on the sinking of the Titanic. This epic movie was so large in scale that the Nazis were forced to divert men, material and ships from their war effort in order to complete the film. Over clashes on the film’s vision, the movie’s director Herbert Selpin was arrested by the Gestapo and found dead the next day. 

However, the film never received the large premiere that Goebbels intended and only surfaced in Nazi-occupied Paris and footage used in the 1950’s Hollywood film, A Night to Remember. This special will reveal this little known story by investigating the making of the film, as well as the fate of the German ship Cap Arcona, which was used as the double for the Titanic in the film.

Other Programme: 'Unsinkable Titanic' will premiere on Monday, 16 April at 12AM on History (StarHub TV Ch 401).

[Synopsis] Everyone knows that an iceberg sank The Unsinkable Titanic leaving more than 1,500 people to perish in what is now known to be one of the greatest maritime disasters in history. But this striking new film argues that it was actually a long chain of misjudgments, human errors and misfortunes that sealed the fate of the largest liner of its day, her passengers and crew. Had just one link in that chain been missing, this historic disaster may have been averted.

The film draws on the latest research as well as eyewitness testimonies to reconstruct the story from the point of view of those involved, and de-bunk the many myths that have built up surrounding the Titanic.

With the benefit of materials from the wreckage, examining forensic evidence and piecing together historical records and Government transcripts, the contributory factors behind the disaster are mapped out. Featuring interviews with a forensic scientist who analyzed materials from Titanic, leading historians, and the last remaining survivor; Millvina Dean, this documentary drama charts the complicated story of a whole chain of events, each one contributing to the demise of a ship thought to be unsinkable.

As well as the events leading up to the collision, the film reenacts the public enquiry set up after the event in which the main surviving crew and passengers give evidence of their experiences and what part they had played in the sinking of the Titanic. 

The reconstructions feature some of the key characters, decisions and incidents responsible for calamity: the man who designed the ship; the owner of the shipping line who controversially escaped in one of the lifeboats – the numbers of which he himself had cut; the lookout in the crow’s nest missing his binoculars, who spotted the iceberg too late; the captain who steamed ahead ignoring warnings of ice; the nearby ship which failed to heed the Titanic’s desperate calls for help due to a quarrel between the wireless operators.

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Much more than the tragic tale of a collision between the liner and an iceberg, this is a story of how an unquestioning faith in technology and a series of small and unrelated errors condemned so many people to death - and how there could have been a very different outcome.

History buffs, and curious fans of 'Titanic', be sure to tune in to History this Sunday, 15 April to learn more about the fate of the unsinkable ship!

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