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Be prepared to say 'I DO...' on February 2013!

By InCinemas  /  26 Apr 2012 (Thursday)
Source: AP Films Pte Ltd

AP Films announced that the company's senior production team, helmed by A.P. Tan, has commenced screenplay and pre-production work on a feature film I DO…, an unconventional love story about the exploits of modern day lovers seeking true love only to find that only true love will seek them, and bring about the best and the worst in them. 

This film is a first tripartite collaboration among AP Films Pte Ltd, a Singapore-based production company, Knotty Ideas Sdn. Bhd of Malaysia, and Hollywood notables including Fred Caruso (Hollywood World Films) and executive-producer David Kang (DK Productions), founder of one of Tinseltown’s top casting agencies. 

A.P. Tan, the Creator, Writer, Music and Film Producer, Director, plans to center the production in Hollywood, Los Angeles, including the casting of the film’s leading Hollywood actors and actresses. A.P has spent her past 10 years to research and complete the screenplay, with the support of her mentor, Daniele Suissa, alongside many good associates from around the world and few amazing Hollywood gurus; and recently, worked closely with a Singapore writer, Angeline Yeo, who co-wrote the novel of 'I Do….'  

[Image of Angeline Yeo and A.P. Tan (right)]

A.P. will direct the film and this debut Hollywood feature targets to be launched in February 2013, along with its novel during the movie premiere.

[Synopsis of I DO...]
    "I DO... is a love story with a difference. Set in bustling LA, Jane Henderson is a beautiful, young successful lawyer whose best friend is Josh Galloway, a gorgeous, smart executive, is cynical about life. Without realizing it, Jane falls in love with Josh. But unfortunately for her, the one she loves has a different desire...  

    I DO... explores how their relationship develops and how it changes them from within. It is a story of how love affects two long time friends from two different worlds and what each of them would do when they discover true love.  

    How far would you go for love? I DO... crosses traditional gender lines, pushes limits to the edge and then gently tips over. Born out of kinship, long-term friendship or gratitude for being loved, love is the most powerful yet dangerous emotion of all. it awakens our sense of obligation and the miracle of our capacity to do anything for someone we love. 

    No one invents love nor discovers love. Love discovers us. No matter who we are, it brings out the best and the worst in us. Entertaining, fast moving, funny, tender and sad – I DO... is an emotional roller coaster ride, which you will never want to get off. 
    I DO... will touch your heart when you least expect it." 

    [Image of Executive Producer Knot Hamidee, and A.P. Tan (right)]

    Other than labouring for her current love I DO…, which is supported strongly by business partner Monique Kwok and her prolific production teams from Asia and L.A., A.P. is simultaneously working on two other projects, namely, a US$20 million production that is proposing to be co-produced with Happy Madison, owned by top comedian Adam Sandler; and Soul, an action thriller rom-com collaboration, with Knotty Ideas Sdn. Bhd. that is slated to be filmed in multiple locations around the world including Switzerland, Singapore and Malaysia.

    I DO... is slated for release worldwide on February 2013.

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