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Mankind, the greatest adventure of our time, to premiere in an epic new miniseries on HISTORY!

By InCinemas  /  11 May 2012 (Friday)


The story of the human race will mark the first global series premiere for HISTORY. The brutal fight for humanity will be seen as never before as HISTORY announces today the premiere of an epic 12-hour television event, MANKIND THE STORY OF ALL OF US. 

[Photo Credit: Djeison Canuto]

Already two years in the making, the series is now in production, filming in locations all over the world including China, South Africa and Morocco, and viewers can expect the series to premiere in the fourth quarter of this year.  

The TV event is expected to be the most in-depth television series ever produced by HISTORY, and MANKIND will be the first series in the history of the network to premiere all around the world at the same time. The series will also be supported by a worldwide educational initiative. 

MANKIND is expected to redefine history as we know it for people around the world. The odds were against us at every turn – over 99.9% of all species of the earth have become extinct. This series examines what is unique about us to have made humans the dominant species on the planet. This is a story of survival on a harsh brutal planet – and how against all odds, we survived. 

[Photo Credit: HISTORY]

MANKIND will be the first television series in a generation to look at the history of the human race through the ages, but in a way that will be highly ambitious with the scale of its cinematic vision. Jaw-dropping CGI technology and dramatic reconstructions of the most critical events in human history brought to life, as never seen before, will leave viewers spell-bound to the compelling story of our race. 

“This project will redefine history as we know it, and will help answer fundamental questions such as who we are, where we came from and how we got here. We are travelling to every corner of the planet so that people will know our collective story. The technology used in the telling of this story will allow viewers young and old to understand the story of mankind in a way that has never been possible before. This will be a seminal series on HISTORY that will become the definitive history of mankind for years to come.”, said Louis Boswell, General Manager of AETN All Asia Networks. 

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In every episode, the path of Mankind’s progress will be unlocked through a set of mysterious keys. These will range from the first tools to the construction of the pyramids, to the birth of agriculture and the revolutions in military technology; through the Vikings landing in America and discovery of new worlds, culminating in the industrial revolution and the making of the modern world. 

[Photo Credit: Djeison Canuto]

Further, by integrating the different sciences, MANKIND will set the standard for “Big History” and how it will be experienced. Through geology, astronomy, meteorology, and physics, the series delves into the forces of nature, exploring human's ability to harness these immense natural powers through engineering, science and innovation to assure their survival. Remarkably, Mankind’s path is guided by events that stretched back, not hundreds, but thousands, even millions of years. 


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